Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Developer Insight: Mon Mothma

Here is the latest Developer insights from the guys over at Capital Games on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Mon Mothma, the Chancellor of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, is arriving on the Holotables! Mon Mothma’s leadership and fearlessness propelled her to the top of the Empire’s “Most Wanted” list and served as an inspiration to all members of the Rebellion. Ever mindful of the consequences of war, but always willing to stand for justice, Mon Mothma is a welcome addition to Rebel squads as she uses the Field Promotion ability to summon increasingly stronger Rebel units to battle.

Thankfully, many Bothans don’t have to die for you to add Mon Mothma to your band of Rebels. You can obtain this Rebel non-combatant leader by completing the new Marquee Event, The Alliance Chancellor!

UNIT NAME: Mon Mothma
CATEGORIES: Light Side, Support, Rebel
Rebel Leader who supports and rallies her allies


Basic: Advocate For Peace


FINAL TEXT: Dispel all debuffs on the weakest Rebel ally. Rebel allies recover 6% Health and Protection.

Special 1: Restore Our Republic (Cooldown 5)


FINAL TEXT: Revive a random Rebel Fighter ally with 40% Health and Protection. All Rebel allies have their current Health percentages equalized. Then, Rally Mon Mothma and all Rebel Fighter allies.

Rallied characters act based on their role:

  • Tanks Taunt and gain Critical Hit Immunity for 2 turns
  • Attackers assist
  • Healers and Supports restore 15% Health and Protection to all allies

Special 2: Field Promotion (Cooldown 5)


FINAL TEXT: Summon a Rebel Trooper. If a Rebel Trooper is already present, they are promoted to a Rebel Officer.

If they were already a Rebel Officer, they are promoted to a Rebel Commander.

If they were already a Rebel Commander, dispel all debuffs on them, they recover 25% Health and Protection, and reduce the cooldowns of Mon Mothma and all Rebel Fighter allies by 1.

This ability can only be used if all allies are Rebel at the start of battle.

Leader: (ZETA) Alliance Chancellor (ZETA)

FINAL TEXT: At the start of battle, if Mon Mothma is in the Leader slot, she and all Rebel Fighter allies gain 8% of their combined base Max Health, Max Protection, Offense, Defense, Potency, and Tenacity.

Mon Mothma and Rebel Fighter allies have a 100% chance to assist each other whenever they use an ability during their turn, dealing 90% less damage (limit once per turn per ally). If that ability dealt no damage, the damage penalty is reduced to 45% less damage and that ally dispels all debuffs on the healthiest Rebel ally.

Unique 1: (ZETA) This Is Our Rebellion

FINAL TEXT: Mon Mothma has +50 Speed. Mon Mothma can’t be targeted and is immune to taunt effects.

If there are no other allied combatants at the start of a turn, Mon Mothma escapes from battle.

Unique 2: Rebel Trooper

Light Side, Attacker, Rebel, Rebel Fighter

Basic: Rebel Bravado
Dispel all buffs on target enemy and deal Physical damage.

If this unit has been promoted to Officer or Commander, inflict Daze for 1 turn.

Special: Rebel Morale:(Cooldown 4)
Rebel allies gain Defense Penetration Up for 2 turns.

If this unit has been promoted to Commander, Rally all Rebel Fighter allies.

This ability can only be used if Rebel Trooper has been promoted to Officer or Commander.

Unique 1: Rebellion Tactics
Mon Mothma and Rebel Fighter allies have +15% Critical Damage and +30% Tenacity.

If this unit has been promoted to Commander, these bonuses are tripled.

Unique 2: Summoned
This unit’s stats scale with the summoner’s stats. This unit can only be summoned to the ally slot if it’s available. This unit can’t be summoned in raids. This unit can’t be revived. If an effect counts defeated units, this unit doesn’t count. When there are no other allied combatants, this unit escapes from battle. A unit can’t be revived if this summoned unit exists in their slot.

The Basics:

  • Mon Mothma is a non-combatant Rebel Support that summons a Rebel Trooper to assist in battle
  • While Mon Mothma can’t deal damage directly, she uses her influence on the battlefield to rally more troops to the Rebel cause
  • Her abilities provide plenty of survivability for the team during long battles with recovery and a resummonable attacker
  • The Rebel Trooper’s role is primarily a damage dealer, but he also provides some utility by dispelling enemies with his basic attack
    • This unit can also be upgraded to Daze enemy units and can Rally other Rebel Fighters (see below)
  • The Rally mechanic provides the same bonuses as described in Resistance Hero Finn’s kit

Unique Attributes:

  • The most unique part of this kit is the upgradeable Rebel Trooper
    • Mon Mothma first summons a Rebel Trooper to the battlefield and then can promote that unit to a Rebel Officer and eventually a Rebel Commander
    • Promoting the Rebel Trooper improves his kit with a new ability and additional effects
  • In conjunction with Mon Mothma’s release, we will also be introducing a new faction tag: Rebel Fighter
    • Similar to Imperial Troopers, this tag provides the Rebels with a loose identity for Rebel ground troops
  • Mon Mothma is the first player obtainable character who can’t be targeted for the entire duration of the battle


  • Mon Mothma has a few appearances in the movies Return of the Jedi, and Rogue One, but we probably see the most of her in Rebels
  • She never takes up a weapon in any of these moments but Mon Mothma is constantly fighting for the Rebellion through leadership and planning
  • We had also wanted to do another summoner for a while and Mon Mothma was a good fit as a non-combatant that can bring in reinforcements
  • The icons showing what level your Rebel Trooper is are based on the rank insignia used by the Rebel Alliance, most notably in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

Strategy Tips:

  • A squad with Mon Mothma at the helm can weather a long fight, and combined with their high number of attacks, the squad can be effective in the Geonosis: Republic Offensive Territory Battle
    • The high number of attacks, even if dealing only a small amount of damage, can remove stacks Droid Battalion very quickly
  • Mon Mothma can create a solid second Rebel team to use in modes that require multiple squads
  • If the first ability that is used during the turn (calling allies to assist) does not deal damage, her leader ability allows the assisting allies to deal more damage
    • Any interaction that causes the unit to not deal damage (such as Evasion or Damage Immunity) will reduce the 90% damage penalty for assisting to 45%
  • Mon Mothma’s Special 1, Restore Our Republic, revives a Rebel Fighter and applies Rally, but the challenge can be capitalizing on both parts optimally
    • You’ll have to weigh the usefulness of Rally against when you are going to want the revive

Squad Suggestions:

  • Wedge Antilles, Chirrut Îmwe, Pao, Cara Dune
    • While this combination seems odd, it’s very intentionally chosen. Wedge is the primary damage source. Chirrut brings a full-squad cleanse to make sure B1 Commander’s basic, which applies Daze to all enemies and can’t be resisted, doesn’t shut down Mon Mothma’s leader ability. Pao is the “engine”, using Sa’kalla! every turn and taking almost as many turns as the rest of his allies combined. Cara provides a consistent Taunt to protect allies while also bringing some good damage and a powerful Turn Meter reduction effect on a 2-turn cooldown.
  • Hoth Rebel Scout can replace Pao for some Turn Meter gain, but the squad’s performance is a lot less reliable with him than it is with Pao.
  • K-2SO can replace Cara Dune, though the squad will lose a bit of survivability due to Cara’s higher Max Health/Max Protection values being shared with everyone