Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Cassian Andor has arrived

One of the main characters of Star Wars:  Rogue One – Cassian Andor will become part of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes from next week. Check out the game update below:

Let’s get into all that good stuff of 12/15/2016 Game Update!

What’s New: Events, Events and MORE Events!
For a listing of all the events scheduled for the game through January, please refer to @EA_Jesse ‘s Tournament post linked below
Event Information

Emperor’s Demise
You’ve suspected and we’ve confirmed- Emperor’s Demise returns Dec 23rd! For more information, please see out featured update post linked below.
Emperor’s Demise Update Information

New unit- Cassian Andor
A Rebel support character, Cassian gives his Rebel allies buffs at the start of each encounter, giving an immense advantage from the very start of a battle. An accomplished tactician, Cassian is best utilized to cripple his enemies with debuffs, leaving them easy pickings for his allies to finish off. He also has great synergy with K-2SO! Speaking of Cassian, that neatly dovetails into…

Cassian Tournament
Battle against other Galactic Champions to earn the new character from Rogue One- A Star Wars Story- Cassian Andor! This tournament should fire off Wednesday, Dec 21.

Omega Battles
Starting in January, Log in every 1st and 3rd weekend of the month for the Omega Battle Events! Earn rare Ability Material Omega pieces during these limited time events!

Double Drops in Cantina Battles!
In celebration of the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story be sure to level up with EXTRA REWARDS! Cantina battles will have double drops from now until Tuesday, December 20th.

Daily Login Character- Finn (PREVIEW)
Please note these changes are NOT in this update
Thanks to community feedback, Finn has been updated to herald his arrival as the daily login character for January!

  • Finn now deals more bonus damage with “Crack Shot,” and has increased chances to Expose and Stun his enemies with “Takedown.”
  • “Hold the Line” now grants increased healing, and shares that healing with Poe Dameron. Additionally, the Omega upgrade for this ability now gives Finn the ability to dispel all debuffs from all allies!
  • “Balanced Tactics” has been reworked to grant more Offense, and much more Defense. This ability also gains a brand new Zeta upgrade, giving your Resistance allies more synergy with Foresight and Expose.

Unlock Finn and revisit your Resistance squad today!

New Bundles in Store
Be sure to head over to the store and check out these new additions in celebration of Rogue One

Tank Takedown Raid Re-balance
The Tank Takedown Raid has been rebalanced for normal difficulty. All phases of the battle have had the damage, boss health, minion health, and speed reduced. In addition to this, Jedi will have their critical strike chance increased by 20% during all phases of the Raid. We hope this makes for a better experience when participating in the Tank Takedown Raid!
Please note that if your guild currently has a Tank Takedown Raid in progress it will either need to be finished or abandoned for the latest changes to take effect.
Here are 50 salvage items of each gear piece that are found only in the Tank Takedown Raid. Enjoy, and go check out the new changes today!


  • (Mk 6 Merr-Sonn Thermal Detonator Salvage) x50
  • (Mk 6 CEC Fusion Furnace Salvage) x50
  • (Mk 3 Zaltin Bacta Gel Salvage) x50
  • (Mk 4 Sienar Holo Projector Salvage) x50
  • (Mk 11 BlasTech Weapon Mod Salvage) x50

Guild Shipments Update
A couple changes have been implemented for Guild shipments

Darth Vader


  • Corrected an issue that stated that the Ship Ability Material Omega was available at level 80+ through completion of Daily Activities. Ship ability Omega materials will be available in a later update
  • Ship ability material challenge art – Removed unavailable ship omega ability material and replaced with prestige material
  • Fixed an issue that stated that the Ship Ability Material Omega was available at level 80+ through completion of Daily Activities.
  • Fixed the AAT’s “Danger Close” ability description not mentioning that it will summon more B2s after the air strike


  • Pirate units are now correctly tagged as Scoundrels
  • Emperor Palpatine -“Crackling Doom” will now correctly damage Jedi Temple Guards.