Should You Try CBD for Your Pet?

One of the strangest, yet most convenient and useful developments in the world of cannabinoid use is CBD for pets. Whereas before, we could only really use CBD for our own benefit, we can now start to use it to help our favorite animal friends. 

However, while CBD for dogs and other pets tends to be more expensive than regular CBD, sometimes it is all you have. What should you do if you run out of your own CBD oil supply, and only have your CBD for pets lying around?

Should you try CBD that was meant for your pet? Are there any problems with doing so?

What Is CBD for Your Pet?

Before you go ahead and steal from your furry friend’s CBD supply, you should probably know what it is first. For more information then can be found below, please go to this website.

CBD oil for your pet is, pretty much, exactly the same as any CBD oil you might take for yourself. While dogs, cats, and other pets may seem incredibly different from ourselves and require different medicines, CBD works on them just the same as you.

This is because of the fact that CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, which is a health system found in all mammals. This means that cannabinoids work just as well on your pet. In fact, they can work even better because pets are so much smaller.

Due to their reduced weight and their lack of experience with any plant cannabinoids, they need less CBD. Pet CBD dosages tend to be much less than regular human doses, making it incredibly easy to give your pet CBD.

So, this all means that the CBD you are giving your pet is the same thing you would be taking. While it might contain different flavoring compounds and terpenes to make it attractive to your pet, it is still just CBD.

Since your pet’s CBD oil is just the same as your CBD oil, at least when it comes to cannabinoid content, you should be fine to take your pet’s CBD.

However, you need to keep a few things in mind, just in case. First of all, you need to think about the dosage of your pet’s CBD oil.

Risk # 1: Your Pet’s Dosage

First of all, you need to think about the dosage of your pet’s CBD oil. Due to the fact that your pet is so much smaller, their CBD oil will have a drastically reduced concentration of CBD when compared to yours. This means that a tablespoon of their CBD oil will have a fraction of the actual cannabinoid content that yours would have.

So, if you are planning on pilfering some of your pet’s CBD, you need to make sure to take a lot more than you would initially think. If you only take the same amount your dog does, you might be at risk of not dosing yourself at all. This could mean that you start to struggle with whatever condition you were dosing yourself with in the first place.

Not only is this potentially unpleasant for you, but it is also uncomfortable for your pet because now they will likely have tiny CBD oil leftovers. It also doesn’t help your wallet, as pet CBD oil tends to be a lot more expensive per milliliter.

Even if it were an emergency and you are totally out of CBD oil and can’t get anymore, you will really only be hurting yourself and your pet if you take theirs. It costs more, is less effective and is generally just not as good for you.

Risk # 2: The Other Ingredients in Pet CBD Oil

One other facet of taking your pet’s CBD oil to consider the fact that it likely has a few other ingredients as well.

Consider how typically unpleasant CBD oil tastes on its own; if you were a dog, you probably wouldn’t want to try it, right? We humans understand that we sometimes have to take a medicine that doesn’t taste very good. Your pet, though, simply won’t get it; this is why their CBD oil is likely flavored in a way to make it desirable for them.

This isn’t a big deal for you, but it is likely that you won’t want to taste peanut butter, bones, or tuna fish when you imbibe your CBD oil. 

If you really have to resort to taking their CBD oil, make sure to hold your nose closed to avoid the taste, just in case.  

Final Thoughts on Trying CBD for Your Pet

Taking your pet’s CBD oil is ultimately pretty safe, with the only real unpleasant consequences being an unpleasant taste and a lower dosage.

If you plan on stealing your pet’s supply, look for high-quality CBD for your pet from places like Premium Jane, and make sure to go for unflavored CBD oils.