Moral Issues in SWTOR and more Tidbits from the Forums

The Star Wars: The Old Republic official forums were abuzz yesterday with talk about dark/light side morals and choices, rumors of a release date and more. Damion Schubert stepped in to add more insight to the topic as well. Zoeller talked about questing and how it will operate within SWTOR and explaining that there will be some repeatable quests/content within the game but that the game won’t rely on it completely.
Zoeller also discussed where we will be able to fly within the game:
“Once you have your ship, every planet in the galaxy can be flown to.
Of course, flying to a level 40 planet at level 12 might not be the greatest idea, but still, you can do that.”
Then Stephen Reid also talks about morals and light side/dark side choices:
“The Light Side / Dark Side symbols only appear when using a mouse to hover over the conversation choices.
When using the keyboard to select your options, you’re essentially choosing ‘blind’.
Therefore, you can pick your play style accordingly.
Personally I mostly play ‘blind’ and roleplay my responses – and quite enjoy it, thanks. However, if you want to ‘max out’ either Light Side or Dark Side points, we’ve given you the option to do that.”
And on the very controversial topic of release date, Reid had a lot to say:
Stephen Reid first says:
“The release date window is the second half of 2011, and nothing has changed in that regard. Any other date you may hear at this point is either misinformation or an outright lie.

While you might think it’s fun to pick a random date and get others to believe in it, unfortunately it’s far too sensitive a topic for many people, and many will not get the ‘joke’.

As a result, we’ve removed posts in this thread related to the meme and will take action against those trying to spread false rumors throughout the Forums. In addition, we’ll be keeping this thread closed for a while as apparently it’s not a subject that can be discussed without trolling (Yes, this is why you can’t have nice things!).

During this “cooldown” for the Release Date Speculation thread, opening new threads on the subject, commenting on the topic in unrelated threads, or trying to spread misinformation through other methods (such as signatures) will result in moderation actions.

UPDATE: We have created a new release date speculation thread. Please read the first post in that thread and feel free to post accordingly.”

As we continue to await new and exciting information or updates on the game, we will keep you informed here as well.