James Ohlen Wants Your Ideas on Open World PvP

My guild is all about PvP in SWTOR and most members are not happy with the current state of open world PvP. Ilum was broken and they have to go back to the drawing board and while leveling on a PvP server, I think I came across someone I could kill a total of 3 times. It’s very boring, honestly. There don’t seem to be many open world PvP elements in the game at this time and there is a large player base that would like to see this remedied.

In this post, Stephen Reid asks players what we want to see from open world PvP:

Hello everyone. James Ohlen, Game Director for Star Wars: The Old Republic, is asking for feedback once again – getting into more detail regarding PvP.

Once again, he’s going to be taking feedback directly via his Twitter account, but if you’re not on Twitter, we’re going to reproduce his question here and would love to get your feedback here too. This week we also have a poll for you to vote in.

Please limit your feedback to the question James wants discussed. Feel free to link to other threads and please keep your feedback constructive and on-topic!

Here is James’ question for this week. As Open World PvP was the most asked-for feature last week:

What kind of Open World PVP excites you most?

You can vote in the attached poll. Here are some more details on each type of objective:

‘Raw’ Open World – faction vs faction, with no faction population restriction mechanics AKA ‘true’ Open World PvP. Factions claim objectives.

PvPvE balanced – bolstering the underdog faction through NPCs, turrets, etc. Factions claim objectives.

Faction population capped – strict balancing in place between faction populations in objective areas. Factions claim objectives.

Guild based – everyone is your enemy except players in your guild. Guilds claim objectives.

So what do you think? What do you want to see in open world PvP? Now is your chance to let the dev team know.

Lisa Clark

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