Developer Forum Poll: BioWare Wants You to Answer

BioWare staff is regularly asking us what we think about certain changes and developments in the game. This is one way they keep things updated in SWTOR and give the gamers what they want as often as possible- which, in turn, keeps the subscriptions coming in.

So now they have a community poll up in the forums asking: What do you think about the new changes made to global cooldown UI in 1.1.2?
Joveth Gonzalez | Associate Online Community Manager says:
Hi folks,

We recently implemented a change to the global cooldown UI with Patch 1.1.2 and we realize that it has been a hot topic here in the Forums. In an effort to prioritize any new changes to the UI, we wanted to poll the community on their opinion of the current global cooldown UI. Please vote in the poll above! As a reminder, please only vote with the cooldown UI changes in mind.

So far, more than 57% have answered “They’re terrible” with only about 31% in agreeance and 12% who say they don’t care either way.
In the many, many comments that follow, there are many valid points. Users complain that the new Global Cooldown changes cause more difficulties in the game. Then there is the argument over UI mods, which seems stronger than ever before.
BioWare needs to understand that while they cannot give all of the people what they want all of the time, they can make it so that we can create whatever the heck we want. Not allowing mods that affect the outcome of an encounter or event in the game (such as Deadly Boss Mods) is one thing but not allowing any UI alterations or customizations is another.
Mods like ICE HUD, Bartender, Power Auras and similar are lifesavers in MMOs like World of Warcraft, yet BioWare is still hesitant to allow these in SWTOR. What’s the deal?
See the developer forum poll here. Chime in with your thoughts and opinions!

Lisa Clark

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