PTS Server Known Issues

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Amber Green posted to the official PTS forums the current list of known issues on the public test server. If you currently have characters on the test realms or plan to in the future, you’ll benefit from giving this a read over or at least bookmarking it so that you know what the known issues are.

This update came after problems with the servers that also caused the servers to be brought down for a time. There is no reason to continue to report these known issues but if you encounter any bugs or problems other that are not on this list while on PTS, then you should report those.

Public Test Server Known IssuesThe following are those issues known to exist on the current 2.4 build on the PTS: 



  • Players are unable to join an Operations Group that is in progress if the group has defeated a boss encounter and the player does not share the exact same lockout.

Dread Fortress

Dread Master Brontes

  • During Hard Mode, the Energy Spheres that appear during the Corrupted Clone phase are not properly de-prioritizing tanks when browsing the battlefield for their target-to-be.
  • Dread Master Brontes is not intended to be tauntable while channeling Overcharge Beam. Taunting Brontes during this time will cause a display issue wherein she will appear to turn toward the taunter with her Overcharge Beam, but in actuality the aim of the Overcharge Beam is unchanged.



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