Mark Hamill to Return to ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

Fans look for any and every sign of an update about new Star Wars movies, or anything Star Wars for that matter. The movies tend to be so hush-hush, sometimes all we have to go on is rumor and hints. In a way, this becomes part of the mystique and the appeal to the franchise. It’s a mystery we are all waiting to uncover together. So that’s why when fun little bits like this happen, we take notice. What does it mean? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. But it sure is fun to speculate, right?

Is Mark Hamill coming back to ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’? All signs seem to point to a yes and the popular star may have even confirmed it himself recently in a tweet:

You can see the video for yourself and the tweet gives us all a hint that he might really be back for a future installment. This is a good thing for fans, since he had such a minimal role in The Force Awakens and many fans are hoping to see that story expanded and have many questions answered. Of course, we know that he said before he doesn’t actually know if he’s returning to the franchise but this is definitely a good hint. Could he be joking? Sure!

That said, this is an industry where people hang on every little word and take it as a hint of what is to come (and very often are correct) so we hope this means he will be more heavily involved in the final two installments of the Star Wars trilogy.

Star Wars: Episode IX will come to theaters in 2019

Lisa Clark

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