Top 10 Star Wars: Hunters Tips & Tricks for Beginners - Master the Game!

Star Wars: Hunters – 10 Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Star Wars: Hunters is an exhilarating team-based arena combat game that brings the iconic Star Wars universe to life in thrilling battles. As a new player, mastering the game can be challenging, but with the right tips and tricks, you can quickly rise through the ranks and dominate the battlefield. This guide provides essential strategies to help you get started and become a formidable Hunter.

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Welcome to the galaxy far, far away! In Star Wars: Hunters, players engage in intense 4v4 combat, selecting from a diverse roster of characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Whether you prefer to play as a lightsaber-wielding warrior, a blaster-wielding marksman, or a strategic support character, this guide will help you make the most of your skills and lead your team to victory.

Before Battle

Get to Know Your Hunters

The quickest way to success in Star Wars: Hunters is knowing who’s in your roster. Each Hunter has its own strengths and weaknesses, and while the game will give you a brief rundown of your chosen fighter’s abilities at the start of a battle, it’s good to go in with a strong idea of what you can and can’t do.

You can take each Hunter for a spin in Training mode (found on the right of the ‘Play’ section) and try all of their abilities on harmless training Droids before throwing them into the Arena. This even works for Hunters that you haven’t unlocked yet, so use it to find a favorite and then work towards that.

Alternatively, we have a rundown of all available Hunters in our Full Character List guide. Check it out to discover each fighter’s abilities.

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In Battle

Claim Your Hunter Early

Star Wars: Hunters is a team-based shooter and, as is often the case in the genre, no team can have two of the same character on it. This means you have to be fast on the character selection screen at the start of a battle if you are desperate to play as your favorite hero or have specific Quest criteria to meet.

There is a countdown timer before the option to select a hero becomes available (you can watch it wind down on the greyed-out ‘Select’ button in the lower right corner). Use this time to navigate to your chosen character and prepare to press ‘A’ as soon as it’s available.

Bring Balance to the Team

A strong Star Wars: Hunters team needs to prioritize class balance. You should consider switching your approach based on what the team calls for.

If the other three players on your team have already selected attack-first Damage or Tank options, then you’d be best to pick from the Support class and keep your allies in the battle for longer.

Alternatively, if you see that Damage and Support options have already been claimed, try focusing on an attacker that can mix up your team’s approach to victory like Diago’s long-range abilities or a Tank’s melee attacks.

Too many characters in the same class will leave you at a disadvantage against a well-balanced team.

Use the Arena

Each Arena is full of health and energy pick-ups that you should use to your advantage. Memorize green health point locations so you can return in a pinch and stand by purple energy terminals to use your Ultimate abilities more frequently.

Certain characters like Imara Vex and Diago have special abilities to make Arena movement even easier. Use these to outmaneuver heavy-hitting Tank opponents and traverse the battlefield quickly.

Know Your Passive Moves

On top of their standard abilities (triggered by hitting either ‘L’ or ‘R’ bumpers), most Hunters also have a Passive Ability which is always active. Without a button prompt on the screen, it can be easy to forget about these abilities, so be sure to check what your Hunter is capable of and use it to get the jump on your opponents.

We have a full list of each Hunter’s Passive Abilities in our Character Guide.

Play to Your Hunter’s Strengths

This almost goes without saying in a team-based shooter, but make sure to play to your Hunter’s strengths.

Every Hunter is useful in their own way, but incorrectly using them will leave some feeling far more powerful than others. Know the role of each class and make sure you fill it accordingly — trying to deal out front-line damage as a Support character isn’t going to help anybody.

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After Battle

Look Out for Quests with Fame Rewards

In Star Wars: Hunters, the only way to upgrade your fighters is by using Fame. Building up enough Fame will increase a Hunter’s level and unlock new cosmetics or ability buffs (increased damage, longer duration etc.). These buffs can make all the difference in a head-to-head fight against the same Hunter in battle and are well worth unlocking as soon as possible.

You can gather Fame simply by playing battles, but certain Quests also provide Hunter-specific Fame as a reward. Regularly check all available Quests, prioritizing ones which will help upgrade your chosen Hunter.

Use Fame Grants to Upgrade Your Other Hunters

Quests also occasionally award you with ‘Fame Grants’, which are non-specific and can be used on any Hunter you choose. Since you will likely already be building up Fame and using it to improve your main Hunter, use Fame Grants to level up your stand-by choices, ensuring they are strong enough when you finally have to use them.

Try Game Modes in Casual Before Entering Ranked

After you unlock Ranked battles, you can start to compete for Ranked Points and unlock Season Rewards. Like most ranked structures, you get more points for performing well in these competitions, so it’s important to bring your A-game.

To avoid going into each Ranked battle blind, be sure to play all game modes on Casual Mode before playing for points. This gives you a good chance to learn the rules of each game mode, putting you less at risk when you decide to play in competitive events.

You’ll keep unlocking new game modes up to Player Level 11, so check back into Casual Mode regularly to hone your skills and learn new rules.


What is the best Hunter for beginners?
For beginners, try starting with a balanced Hunter that offers both offense and defense. Characters like Grozz or Zaina provide a good mix of durability and damage output.

How can I improve my aim in Star Wars: Hunters?
Improving aim requires practice. Spend time in training modes and use the game’s aim assist features to help you get started. Focus on consistent and steady movements.

What are the key objectives in Star Wars: Hunters?
Key objectives vary by game mode but generally include capturing points, defending zones, and collecting items. Always prioritize these objectives to secure victory.

How do I communicate effectively with my team?
Use the in-game voice chat or ping system to communicate with your team. Clear and concise communication is crucial for coordinating strategies and winning matches.

What should I do if I’m struggling with a specific Hunter?
If you’re struggling with a specific Hunter, try watching gameplay videos or reading guides to learn from experienced players. Practice regularly to improve your understanding and skills with that character.

How often does Star Wars: Hunters receive updates?
Star Wars: Hunters receives regular updates that include balance changes, new content, and bug fixes. Stay informed by reading patch notes and participating in the game’s community.

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