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Star Wars: Hunters – Essential Beginner Tips and Tricks

“Star Wars: Hunters” is an exciting arena combat game that brings together iconic Star Wars elements with fast-paced action. To help new players get started, we’ve compiled some essential tips and tricks. From choosing the right hunter to mastering the counter system, these strategies will give you the edge you need to succeed.

diago is one of the best hunters as long as you know how to use him.

Choosing the Right Hunter

Understanding Hunter Roles

Each hunter in “Star Wars: Hunters” has unique abilities and roles. Some are better suited for offensive play, while others excel in support or defensive roles. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each hunter can help you build a balanced team.

Hunter Counter System

Understanding the counter system is crucial for gameplay. Here’s a detailed chart showing which hunters can counter others and who they get countered by:

HunterCan CounterGets Countered By
Aran TalRieve, J-3DI, Grozz, Slingshot, SentinelSkora, Imara Vex, Diago, Sprocket
RieveSkora, Zaina, Grozz, DiagoAran Tal, Utooni, Sentinel, Charr
SkoraAran Tal, Utooni, Imara VexDiago, Slingshot, Rieve, J-3DI
J-3DISkora, Zaina, Grozz, DiagoAran Tal, Utooni, Sentinel, Charr
UtooniRieve, J-3DI, Imara Vex, Sprocket, CharrSentinel, Slingshot, Grozz, Diago
SentinelRieve, J-3DI, Utooni, Zaina, SprocketDiago, Slingshot, Charr, Imara Vex
DiagoSentinel, Aran Tal, Skora, Utooni, Slingshot, SprocketRieve, J-3DI, Grozz, Imara Vex
SlingshotSkora, Utooni, Sentinel, Imara VexAran Tal, Diago, Grozz, Charr, Zaina
Imara VexAran Tal, Sentinel, Diago, Sprocket, CharrSkora, Utooni, Slingshot, Grozz
GrozzUtooni, Diago, Slingshot, Imara VexAran Tal, J-3DI, Rieve, Sprocket
SprocketAran Tal, GrozzUtooni, Sentinel, Diago, Imara Vex
CharrRieve, J-3DI, SlingshotImara Vex, Utooni, Zaina
ZainaCharr, SlingshotRieve, J-3DI, Sentinel

Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Utilize Hunter Abilities

Each hunter has unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Learn to use these abilities effectively to maximize your team’s potential. Coordinate with teammates to create powerful combos and strategies.

Map Awareness

Knowing the layout of each map can give you a significant advantage. Use the terrain to your benefit, whether it’s taking cover, finding strategic positions, or setting traps for your opponents.

Team Composition

A well-balanced team is crucial for success. Ensure your team has a good mix of offensive, defensive, and support hunters to cover all aspects of the battle. Communication and coordination with your team can make a huge difference.

Advanced Techniques

Mastering Combos

Combining hunters’ abilities can create devastating effects. Practice different combinations to find out what works best for your playstyle and team composition.

Adapting to Opponents

Being able to adapt to your opponents’ strategies is key. Pay attention to their hunter choices and tactics, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Knowing when to switch hunters or change tactics can give you the upper hand.

Staying Mobile

Movement is crucial in “Star Wars: Hunters.” Keep moving to avoid being an easy target, and use the environment to your advantage. Dodging, strafing, and positioning can help you stay alive and take out enemies effectively.


What is the best hunter for beginners? For beginners, hunters like Sentinel and J-3DI are recommended due to their balanced abilities and ease of use.

How do I counter a specific hunter? Refer to the counter chart above to see which hunters can effectively counter others.

What are some key strategies for winning matches? Utilize hunter abilities, maintain map awareness, and ensure a balanced team composition. Advanced techniques like mastering combos and adapting to opponents are also crucial.

How important is team composition in “Star Wars: Hunters”? Team composition is very important. A balanced team with a mix of offensive, defensive, and support hunters is more likely to succeed.

What maps are available in the game? The game features various maps, each with unique layouts and strategic opportunities. Familiarize yourself with each map to gain an advantage.

Are there any advanced techniques I should know? Advanced techniques include mastering ability combos, adapting to opponents’ strategies, and staying mobile during battles.


“Star Wars: Hunters” offers a thrilling arena combat experience with a rich array of hunters and strategic depth. By following these beginner tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the game. Remember to stay adaptable, communicate with your team, and most importantly, have fun in the galaxy far, far away.