Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes game featuring Luthen Rael.

Luthen Rael Kit Reveal: Ultimate Guide to the New Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Character

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes continues to captivate players with its diverse roster and dynamic gameplay. The latest addition, Luthen Rael, promises to be a game-changer. This guide dives deep into Luthen Rael’s abilities, synergies, and optimal strategies. Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, this comprehensive breakdown will help you utilize Luthen Rael to his full potential.


Luthen Rael is an exciting new character in Galaxy of Heroes, bringing unique abilities and strategic depth to the game. Known for his dual identities and tactical brilliance, Luthen Rael can adapt to various team compositions and leader synergies. This article will explore his stats, abilities, and best practices for integrating him into your team. By understanding Luthen Rael’s kit, you can leverage his strengths and lead your squad to victory.

Luthen Rael’s Basic Stats

Health: High health ensures durability in prolonged battles.
Protection: Robust protection stats make Luthen resilient against enemy attacks.
Speed: Above-average speed allows frequent turns and strategic use of abilities.
Attack: Strong attack power for significant damage output.
Defense: Solid defense enhances survival in various combat scenarios.

Abilities Breakdown


Basic Ability: Tactical Strike

  • Effect: Deals damage to a single target and has a chance to apply a debuff.
  • Strategic Use: Weakens key opponents, setting up combos with allies.

Special Ability 1: What Do I Sacrifice?

  • Cooldown: 3, Omicron
  • Effect: Summons a Rebel Trooper, promotes them to Rebel Commander. If already present, dispels debuffs and grants a bonus turn.
  • Additional Effects: Target Rebel Fighter or Mon Mothma ally gains 30% Offense (stacking) and immunity to Turn Meter reduction.
  • Axis Bonus: Rebel Commander gains 50% Offense (stacking) for 2 turns.
  • Curator Bonus: Rebel Commander recovers 50% Health and Protection. Target Rebel ally gains Frenzy for 2 turns.
  • Grand Arenas: All allies gain Critical Damage Up for 2 turns.

Special Ability 2: A Sunless Space

  • Cooldown: 3, Zeta
  • Effect: Mon Mothma and Rebel Fighter allies gain Speed Up and Bonus Protection (20%) for 2 turns.
  • Axis Bonus: Dispels all debuffs from Rebel Fighter allies, gaining 10% Turn Meter per debuff. Inflicts Marked on the Rebel Commander.
  • Curator Bonus: Rallies Mon Mothma and all Rebel Fighter allies.

Unique Ability: Dreams With Ghosts

  • Effect: Mon Mothma and Rebel Fighter allies gain 20 Speed. Summons a Rebel Trooper, promoting them to Rebel Commander if the allied Leader is Rebel and not a Galactic Legend.
  • Additional Effects: Luthen is immune to Ability Block, Cooldown Increase, and Taunt effects while Rebel Commander is active.
  • Axis Effect: Rebel Trooper gains Expendable Asset and Marked. Defeated Rebel Troopers reset Attacker allies’ cooldowns.
  • Curator Effect: Luthen and Mon Mothma gain 20% Turn Meter whenever a Rebel Trooper takes a turn.
  • Grand Arenas: Mon Mothma and Rebel Fighter allies gain 30% Max Health, Mastery, 20 Speed, and Bonus Protection (50%). Summons a Rebel Trooper and promotes them to Rebel Commander upon the first Rebel Commander’s defeat.

Unique Ability 2: Rebel Trooper

  • Basic: Rebel Bravado – Dispels buffs on target enemy, deals physical damage, and inflicts Daze if promoted to Officer or Commander.
  • Special: Rebel Morale – Grants Defense Penetration Up to Rebel allies and Rallies all Rebel Fighter allies if promoted to Commander.
  • Unique: Rebellion Tactics – Grants Critical Damage and Tenacity bonuses, tripled if promoted to Commander.
  • Summoned: Stats scale with the summoner’s stats. Can only be summoned in non-raid scenarios and can’t be revived.

Synergy with Other Characters

Pairing with Attackers
Luthen Rael enhances the effectiveness of high-damage attackers, amplifying their offensive capabilities.

Defensive Synergies
Pairing Luthen with strong defensive characters balances team resilience and covers his vulnerabilities.

Debuff Teams
Luthen’s debuff abilities complement teams focused on controlling the enemy with status effects.

Strategic Uses in Different Game Modes

In Arena, Luthen Rael’s leader ability and offensive boosts make him a formidable presence. Focus on synergies with high-damage allies for maximum impact.

Luthen’s turn meter control and offensive buffs are invaluable in raids, helping manage boss mechanics and sustain damage output.

Territory Battles and Territory Wars
His versatile kit excels in Territory Battles and Territory Wars, adapting to various encounters and objectives to support your squad effectively.

Maximizing Luthen Rael’s Potential

Gear and Mods
Prioritize gear and mods that enhance speed, health, and offense. Critical damage and health boost mods are essential for maximizing Luthen’s battlefield presence.

Team Composition
Experiment with different team compositions to find the optimal setup for your playstyle. Synergies with high-damage attackers, defensive characters, and debuff teams will help you leverage Luthen’s full potential.

Inspiration and Strategy Tips

Luthen Rael draws inspiration from his dual identities in “Andor.” His kit reflects this through the Axis and Curator effects, offering different strategic approaches depending on the leader. With Saw Gerrera as leader, Luthen becomes more offensive, leveraging the Expendable Asset effect to reset cooldowns when Rebel Troopers are defeated. With Mon Mothma, Luthen is more supportive, enhancing the durability and turn meter management of Rebel Fighters.


Luthen Rael is a versatile and powerful addition to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. His unique abilities and synergies offer numerous strategic options for players. By understanding his kit and utilizing him effectively, you can enhance your gameplay experience and achieve new heights in the game.


What are the key strengths of Luthen Rael?
Luthen Rael’s key strengths include his high health and protection, powerful offensive abilities, and his leader ability that boosts team offense and critical damage.

How can Luthen Rael be integrated into a debuff-focused team?
Luthen Rael’s abilities to apply debuffs and control enemy turn meters make him an excellent fit for debuff-focused teams, enhancing their overall control and damage output.

What gear and mods are best for Luthen Rael?
Focus on gear and mods that boost his speed, health, and offense. Critical damage and health boost mods are particularly effective.

How does Luthen Rael perform in raids?
Luthen Rael is valuable in raids due to his ability to boost team offense and control enemy turn meters, making him effective in managing boss mechanics and maintaining a steady flow of damage.

What are the best team compositions for Luthen Rael?
Optimal team compositions for Luthen Rael include high-damage attackers, strong defensive characters, and debuff-focused teams to exploit his abilities and synergies.

Is Luthen Rael worth investing in for competitive play?
Yes, Luthen Rael’s versatility and powerful abilities make him a worthwhile investment for competitive play, providing strategic advantages in various game modes.