Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Iconoscope

I love nerdy dedication – it is after all what makes the world go round. And Wayne Dorrington has taken the biscuit with his genius Iconoscope version of The Empire Strikes Back, the scale of which you can see below.

Bear in mind that this is only the first half of the Iconoscope, thanks to Dorrington’s assertion that it needed to be lengthy in order to fit in the entire plot of the second of the original trilogy:

…You realise how much more complex and in-depth the story was compared to first movie. The narrative is split into several sub-stories and keeps jumping between them – plus, in the first move there were virtually no costume changes for the main characters – but in this one, each had several, all of which are iconic.

Anyway, here’s the second half as well…

Oh you bloody clever person, you.