BetBoom Dacha tournament

BetBoom Dacha Recap: Which heroes are most popular?

After a week of intense matches, the BetBoom Dacha tournament has come to its logical conclusion. In the end, the Gaming Gladiators team emerged as the winners. Now, it’s time to reflect on what we witnessed, especially in terms of the meta and the heroes in focus. Many perceive this as a glimpse of what the main tournament might look like. It’s highly likely that the upcoming TI will showcase a similar overarching concept. Utilizing such information effectively is essential.

During the previous tournament, it was intriguing to observe the evolution of the current meta. Patch 7.34c for Dota 2 was released at an opportune moment, providing players with a chance to experiment. Indeed, many players and teams opted to do just that, experimenting right in the midst of the tournament.

Looking at the list of most picked or banned heroes, it’s evident that the new patch has introduced several changes. Tactics and strategies that once worked exceptionally well are either now ineffective or require adjustments. In some cases, these modifications can be quite significant.

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Now, let’s delve deeper into the character analysis.

Who was chosen the most often?

The most popular heroes of the tournament were Sven, Pangolier, Dark Seer, KOTL, and Rubick. Meanwhile, credit should also be given to the next five, who were frequently seen in matches during these competitions: Brewmaster, Storm Spirit, Warlock, Earthshaker, and Vengeful Spirit.

Sven, most likely, left the most vivid impression in the memories of viewers and players alike. Not only was he one of the most popular heroes, but his win rate was also relatively high – 61.3%. He was picked 31 times in the tournament. Interestingly, his ban rate wasn’t particularly high. It seems as though he’s now a character that teams don’t want to ban, but also don’t particularly want to play against.

The main feature that makes Sven so powerful is his ability to farm quickly and then overwhelm almost any lineup with his overall damage. Of course, some lineup variations can quite effectively ignore this character, especially when he’s in his ultimate. However, let’s face it – the overall proportion of such lineups is rather small. And even if he can be avoided, he usually comes back – not alone but with his teammates. A few slows, stuns, or crowd controls, and the opponents might well plan their time in the tavern.

Taking Rubick as an example, this spellcaster with a staff was picked in 20 games, but his win rate was just 30%. He can no longer be called as potent a support hero as he was in previous patches. However, drawing broad conclusions might still be premature. The upcoming DreamLeague tournament will shed more light on the situation.

The recently popular Earthshaker had the highest win percentage of any support on this tournament: 70.6%. He was chosen 17 times. This statistic is particularly impressive, especially against the backdrop of TI12.

To conclude, let’s mention Templar Assassin. Despite her not-so-successful statistics at the community level, the hero was picked nearly 15 times, and her win rate was 60%.

Who was banned the most at BetBoom Dacha?

Quite unexpectedly, Invoker received the highest total number of bans. Despite all the nerfs applied by the developers, players are still noticeably wary of this character. He was banned 53 times, showing just how feared he is. Beastmaster followed with 40 bans.