Will the Competition Be Held off By SWTOR’s 2014 Roadmap?

Will the Competition Be Held off By SWTOR’s 2014 Roadmap

The plan for the future of 2014 is out. So how will this affect the competition in the MMORPG market? If you ask around the SWTOR community, you will find that people are very split on how they feel about these changes and upcoming plans. Some players are really happy about it while others have their own ideas of how certain aspects of gameplay and other details should go. The diversity is one thing that makes the gaming community so unique and broad and we do know from experience that BioWare listens to what the players have to say about certain things like this.

But when we look outside of the community, how can we expect these changes to affect the competition that SWTOR has now and in the future?

Elite Monster has done a write-up on this that pretty much echoes my thoughts on the matter. The first point is content and some players seem happy with the content listed in the Road Map where others feel it’s just going to be lagging behind what other games might be offering.

Then we have that big issue of guilds. This is a sore sport for many players, as Elite Monster recaps, and BioWare doesn’t seem to be giving any indication that they are changing or updating the guild functions in SWTOR this year. Currently, there isn’t a lot of incentive for joining guilds in SWTOR, other than a mild XP boost. When compared to other MMORPGs, there is a lot of room for growth there to improve the guild system. But BioWare doesn’t seem to think that is a real priority at this time.

Then we also have game updates and class continuation when many also feel is going to be lacking, particularly when compared to other upcoming games that will challenge SWTOR. It’s true that SWTOR will always have its loyal following but could the competition steal some of players if they don’t kick up some of these changes and additions in 2014?

We brought you news about the Road Map for 2014 here.

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