SWTOR Galactic Starfighter Ships Companion Guide

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter Ships Companion Guide

Companions play an important role in Star Wars: The Old Republic and they do make the game more enjoyable. This guide focuses on the default companions assigned specifically to fill the crew positions for the Galactic Starfighter ships. Each faction will start out with a set of four default companions that are exclusive to the ships but you’re not limited to only using these.

The assigned positions for the default companions and their names are below:

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  • Offense- MZ-12
  • Tactical- Salana Rok
  • Engineering- Aven Geth
  • Defense- Writch Hurley


  • Offense- B-3G9
  • Tactical- Kendra Novar
  • Engineering- Ashy
  • Defense- Oro Wogawa

After choosing your starfighter ship, you’ll pick out your crew. You’ll start by choosing your co-pilot from one of the four default companions listed above for your faction.

After choosing your co-pilot, you can fill each of the other positions with the remaining three default companions. However, you have the option of filling the other positions with any class specific companion that you have unlocked so far. You also have the option of purchasing other class companions with 1,500 fleet requisitions per companion to use as part of your crew.

While you can use any unlocked companion, you want to make sure you have a diverse crew since they are designed to perform maintenance on the ships when you’re not engaging in combat. You’ll need a crew that has the skill to perform the different duties required. For example, you don’t want to end up with two offensive companions and none for tactical support.

Galactic Starfighter Default Companions Passive and Active Abilities

By default, each one of your companions will have two passive abilities and one active one except for the co-pilot, which will have an additional active ability that you can use when in combat. The extra active ability will be determined by which companion you choose to use as co-pilot. The passive abilities will automatically activate once you select your crew.

The name of the companion, each of his or her default abilities and a description of what each one of the abilities do are shown below.

Offensive Companions


  • First Passive Ability- Spare Ammo
  • Second Passive Ability- Rapid Reload
  • Active Ability- Hydro Spanner


  • First Passive Ability- Rapid Reload
  • Second Passive Ability- Pinpointing
  • Active Ability- Hydro Spanner

Ability Description:

  • Pinpointing- accuracy is increased by 6 percent
  • Rapid Reload- secondary weapons and missiles will reload 8 percent faster
  • Spare Ammo- increases ammo capacity by 25 percent
  • Hydro Spanner- makes repairs to the hull of the ship for 245 over 6 seconds

Defensive Companions

Witch Hurley-Empire

  • First Passive Ability- Power to Shields
  • Second Passive Ability- Quick Recharge
  • Active Ability- Nullify

Oro Wogawa-Republic

  • First Passive Ability- Response Tuning
  • Second Passive Ability- Quick Recharge
  • Active Ability- Servo Jammer

Ability Description:

  • Quick Recharge- shield power regeneration increased by 15 percent
  • Power to Shields- overall shield power increased by 10 percent
  • Response Tuning- increases evasion by 6 percent
  • Nullify- amount of damage to hull reduced by 30 percent for 6 seconds
  • Servo Jammer- decreases enemy target’s maneuvering ability by 20 percent for 20 seconds

Tactical Companions

Salana Rok-Empire

  • First Passive Ability- Depth of Field
  • Second Passive Ability- Comm Boost
  • Active Ability- Wingman

Kendra Novar-Republic

  • First Passive Ability- Depth of Field
  • Second Passive Ability- Comm Boost
  • Active Ability- Running Interference

Ability Description:

  • Depth of Field- sensor focus increased by 2,500 meters
  • Comm Boost- communication range increased by 5,000 meters
  • Wingman- increases accuracy by 20 percent over 20 seconds and the effects of this ability is also applied to two of your closest allies, as long as they stay within 1,000 meters of your ship
  • Running Interference- increases evasion by 15 percent over 20 seconds and the effects of this ability is also applied to two of your closest allies, as long as they stay within 1,000 meters of your ship

Engineering Companions

Aven Geth- Empire

  • First Passive Ability- Power to Blasters
  • Second Passive Ability- Efficient Maneuvers
  • Active Ability- In Your Sights

Ashy- Republic

  • First Passive Ability- Power to Blasters
  • Second Passive Ability- Efficient Maneuvers
  • Active Ability- Slicer’s Loop

Ability Description:

  • Power to Blaster– blaster power pool increased by 10 percent
  • Efficient Maneuvers- maneuvers and cost of component abilities reduced by 13 percent
  • In Your Sights- reduces the evasion rate by 20 percent for 20 seconds by zeroing in on your target
  • Slicer’s Loop- when targeted, it places your enemy’s computer in an infinite loop preventing them from regen energy for 6 seconds

Passive Bonuses for the Default Companions

The companions that you choose will also have eight passive bonuses based on their position. You will be able to see what these bonuses are when you select a companion by looking at the right pane on your screen. The companions default passive bonuses are the same for both factions unless otherwise stated. These are listed below to give you an idea of what you’ll see when you select a companion.

  1. Increases blaster power pool by 10 percent
  2. Reduces the cost of using maneuvers and engine component abilities by 13 percent
  3. Increases ammo capacity by 25 percent for Empire faction and weapon accuracy by 6 percent for Republic faction
  4. Reduces cooldown and secondary weapon reload time by 8 percent
  5. Increases sensor focus range by 2,500 meters
  6. Increases communication range by 5,000 meters
  7. Increases shield power pool by 10 percent for Empire faction and evasion by 6 percent for the Republic faction
  8. Increases shield power regeneration by 15 percent

Below is a brief description for each of the default companions to give you a better idea of what they have to offer. This will help you decide if you want to use the default companions or choose different ones.

Default Companions Background History

Now that you know the names of the default companions, the position they hold and the passive and active abilities they offer, it’s time to get to know the crew on a more personal level. These companions will interact with you making your experience more fun and engaging. For example, the co-pilot will shout out commands and the crew will warn you about missile locks or when the objective changes. They’ll even yell at you from time to time if you make a mistake just to keep things interesting.

Another thing that makes the new Starfighter ship NPC companions so interesting, is that each one has a fascinating story to tell about their past. Here is a look at each one of the default companions background history.

Empire Galactic Starfighter Ship Companions

MZ -12- Offensive Position

MZ 12 started out as a maintenance droid providing service for the Sith Empire on the Darth Immern cruiser during the Great Galactic War. When Darth had problems with his crew, the MZ 12 took over and handled most of the ship’s systems. It was able to guide the ship to a waystation, even though it was not programmed to do so.

After this, Darth had the droid’s programs upgraded so it could serve as his personal navigator and it become very knowledgeable when it comes to the ship’s sensors and comms. MZ 12 has been searching for a new job where it can put its expertise to good use since the death of Darth Immern.

Salana Rok- Tactical Position

Salana has lived a rather strange life spending years working for a crime syndicate on Hutta, where she made a living following her boss’s orders to beat up anyone that crossed him. She has never really felt like she belonged anywhere even when she was with family, so it doesn’t bother her when people call her an alien.

She thoroughly enjoys causing her enemies pain and making them suffer and she is known for being a bit bitter towards everyone. She now focuses her aggression on the enemy as she holds the position of starship gunner. While she hasn’t figured out what she’s searching for to be happy, she still hopes that that she’ll find it one day, while exploring the stars.

Aven Geth- Engineer Position

Aven began his career in the Navy as a shield technician. His famous parents were not happy that he joined the navy, so they sabotaged his career by getting him discharged without warning. Instead of being bitter about what his parents did, he stayed calm and positive seeking a new career where he eventually became part of the Empire starship crew. The crew accepted him even with his sudden discharge from the navy and he strives to prove that he is a worthy combatant loyal to the Empire.

Writch Hurley- Defensive Position

One thing that Hurley loves is technology, which is evident by his constant discussions on micro-fusion condensers and hyper-drive motivator cores. What tends to freak everyone out is that he has these discussions even when he’s alone, which makes him appear a bit weird. The fact that he tends to be disrespectful most of the time, too doesn’t help him make friends.

However, his constant babbling helps him to stay focused on the job and he is definitely an expert in his field. Even those that don’t understand him or even like him for that matter, have to admit that his talent and supreme abilities override his flaws. He has a crush on Darth Acina, an Imperial technology guru, and his dream is that one day she’ll notice him.

Republic Galactic Starfighter Ship Companions

B-3G9- Offensive Position

B-3G9 is a former combat analysis droid that often thinks about an earlier time, when its defensive strategy was credited for the Republic’s victory in the famous First Battle of Bothawui. As a reward for its excellent service, it was sent back to the Czerka factory to be upgraded. Unfortunately, the factory made a mistake and had already begun remapping its circuitry as a protocol-droid before they found out. At this point, it was too late to turn back the process and B-3 was turned into a war strategist.

B-3 is very skilled when it comes to defense management and shield-to-power conversion. It’s well liked because it has a modest and polite manner and it’s still one of the best in its field even though its tactical abilities will never be what they once were.

Kendra Novar- Tactical Position

Kendra has a natural ability to understand and work with complicated calculations most people could never understand, which became apparent when she sliced a computer system successfully when she was only seven years old. She illegally acquired quite a huge fortune by the time she was an adult but eventually she was caught, put in jail and all of her assets were taken away.

The Republic military saw her true potential and offered her a position in the navy, which she graciously accepted. She’s enthusiastic, sentimental and creative all rolled into one. In fact, she is the one who invented the Koiogran Turn, which she named after Koiogra her home system. While she does think about her former life from time to time, she would never do anything to ruin the opportunity the Republic navy gave her.

Ashy- Engineering Position

Ashy is a Rattataki with light gray looking skin. Famous Imperial socialites adopted him at a young age but they did not treat him very well. He thought they were preparing him to become an Imperial officer even though they often treated him more like a pet in front of their friends instead of a person. To fulfill their dream he tired to join the Dromund Kaas military academy only to be turned away humiliated.

This caused Ashy to defect and join the Republic military as a weapons specialist. He is one of the best with a remarkable record. He’s proud to be a Galactic Republic citizen and he makes it a point to send his former family holorecordings that show each and every one of his battle achievements as a Galactic soldier.

Oro Wogawa- Defensive Position

Oro is an Ithorian who has been totally fascinated with ships and the technology associated with them since the first time he saw one land on his home world. He believes that both mechanical and living systems are the same and that both should be carefully cared for and nourished.

He stowed away on a pirate aircraft and taught himself how to take exceptional care of the engines and that’s where his career as a hired hand began. Working for any ship that would hire him, Oro learned how to be tough but inside, he’s still very kind and caring. It’s for this reason that he dedicated his life to taking care of the ship’s engines and other mechanical parts after seeing how the Sith Empire wreaked havoc all across the galaxy.

Knowing a little about the SWTOR default companion’s history, will help to make the gameplay a little more fun and interesting as you fight the enemy together.

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