The 10 best maps for boosting in Overwatch

Overwatch is a really beautiful game with a perfect blend of detail and arcade graphics. The wide variety allows for an extensive color palette, Blizzard must have had a lot of fun creating the game.

Part of the beauty of Overwatch lies in the design of the levels. Each map is unique, with its own distinctive visual design and gameplay. Some maps are hated by the community because they’re pretty obnoxious, but most of them are excellent.

I’ll take a look at the top 10 maps of Overwatch. These are the ones you should look at if you want to refresh your memory on a certain skill set, because knowledge of the map is a super important skill for overwatch ranked boost. Also find the most interesting map to play in custom games!

10. Junkertown

Maps like Shantytown are always welcome in first-person shooters, especially when Blizzard’s creativity is behind them. Junkertown is one of the most recent maps added to Overwatch, and it has its own personality.

However, the community is pretty split on this map. I personally am a big fan, others not so much. Reaching the first objective can be a nightmare because of the lack of cover, and the height advantage that defenders have.

9. Dorado

Tons of vertical gameplay, always watch out for high moments. Junkrats are especially annoying here. Progressing through Dorado is a great experience, decked out in a soothing color palette before it’s still covered in missiles and grenades.

8. Blizzard World.

Essentially a huge easter egg, this map contains a tribute to all the major Blizzard games. Even if you’re not a big fan of games like World of Warcraft like I am, it’s great to play futuristic heroes on a map that contains features related to it.

Capturing the first capture point can be a challenge because there is little cover when approaching. Shield heroes are absolutely essential here.

7. Lijiang Tower.

All heroes are viable on this map, especially those with movement abilities. Killing enemies off the map is common.

Snipers also find a home here. The path from revival point to target is not that difficult for immobile heroes. Lijang Tower is one of the best checkpoint maps!

6. Checkpoint: Gibraltar

Lots of indoor/outdoor action, you’ll have to change heroes regularly to adapt to changing team battles.

With a lot of cover, it can be difficult to break through defenses without proper flanking maneuvers. This map requires good game knowledge and strategy to come out on top.

5. Hollywood

No other map offers as much variety as Hollywood. The adventure through different landscapes is a nice change of tone, each with its own special features.

However, it is one of the longest maps that becomes too difficult to achieve victory as an attacker. Most matches tend to be completely one-sided!

4. Hanamura.

One of the most beautiful cards I’ve seen in games, not just Overwatch. Hanamura is a pretty small map, one goal easy to overcome and not much else!

Farrah is an overlooked hero on this map, especially in the last target area. As a defender it’s important to keep an eye on the upper levels, especially if you can park Fatal Widow or Torbjorn there.

3. Ilios.

Ilios has the most important goal of all the cards in the game: falling into the pit (pictured) is sure death for most heroes. Battles can get chaotic, so staying away from the pit can be a problem.

Lucho is especially good here, as he can slide around the walls surrounding the pit. Farrah and Orissa are also great choices with their movement abilities.

2. Eichenwald.

A personal favorite of mine, there is something grand about battles in a medieval fortress. As the map progresses, the bottlenecks get wider and more flanking routes open up.

Because of this, it is important to keep in mind the ability to switch heroes between objectives. Two entrances near the first target are easy to defend, such as a good combination of Reinhart and Bastion.

1. King’s Row

King’s Row is considered the most interesting map in the game and offers a great atmosphere, lots of bottlenecks and terrific opportunities for flank attacks.

Each objective is as easy to take as it is to defend. Every hero can prove themselves here, with tons of vertical gameplay to suit all styles of play.

Overall, it’s just a great and fair experience for all players. This is the best map in the game!