SWTOR Producer’s Road Map 2015

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SWTOR’s Senior Producer Bruce Maclean has released the teams Producer’s Road Map for 2015. If you ahve been following our blog, there ain’t much new info, as most of this stuff, as it is basically just a write down of the letter that was read at the last Cantina Event with no new details or teasers. Most of the community that is concerned about future content probably already knew all this but I guess this makes it “official”…

Producer’s Road Map 2015

Hi everyone!

For many, the start of the year is a time for setting goals and planning for the future. This is something we have been focused on here at BioWare Austin. 2014 was an amazing year for the team. We delivered two expansions, an overhaul to the class system, and regular story updates through Flashpoints. I’m proud of what the team has accomplished, and we would not have been able to do it without your support – thank you. I’m excited for what we have in store for you in 2015.

Some of you might remember before launch, we talked a lot about the “four pillars” of RPGs – combat, exploration, progression and story. Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is an MMO, but it’s also a BioWare game. Three years ago, we set out to deliver a product that contained the best of two worlds – the immersive story experience from a single-player RPG and the vast array of systems and social connection from an online multiplayer game. Since launch, we have mainly focused on the latter, adding Galactic Strongholds, achievements, legacy perks, reputation tracks, and Galactic Starfighter. But with the success of the Shadow of Revan expansion, we think it’s time that we return to our roots and what truly makes our game unique: story.

Shadow of Revan was just the beginning. In 2015, we are committed to bringing you more character-driven adventures in the Old Republic universe. You’re going to see a unified story, with a focus on themes that unite our eight classes – everyone is a veteran from the Galactic Civil War with a complicated past and an uncertain future. You’ll see a greater emphasis on your character’s personal history, and on the choices you make. I don’t want to say too much more since we are still in the midst of development, but what we have planned really gets back to the Star Wars™ fantasy at the heart of our game.

Our plan is to deliver two major updates with this new story direction later this year – one in the summer and the other by the end of the year. But what’s happening in the meantime, you ask? Below is a list of some of what you can expect in the first half of the year. As always, please keep in mind that all of this is subject to change. We reserve the right to adjust our plans if we feel it is necessary.

There’s still more to be revealed for Star Wars: The Old Republic this year – this is just the start! When we are further along in development, we will post more information that dive into the nitty-gritty details for these new features.

I want to thank you, our galactic heroes, for continuing to support us. It’s your feedback and enthusiasm that makes Star Wars: The Old Republic a better game and drives us to be better. All of our hard work is for you.

May the Force™ be With You!

Bruce Maclean
Senior Producer

Producer’s Road Map 2015 | 02.10.2015, 03:53 PM

Hey folks!
I am seeing a few questions in this thread that I want to address. First, just a general reminder. This Producer Letter from Bruce is not a comprehensive list of every piece of content or feature you will see this year. It is primarily targeting the beginning of the year. As the we get further into the year we will continue to release more details about what we have on the horizon.


Originally Posted by Iwipe

By two major content updates are we talking about expansion sized stuff like strongholds/gsf or just regular patches?

What you are seeing in the Spring, with Ziost, is one of those large updates. The other update later in the year we will talk more about soon. As for some of the other questions I am seeing:

PvP and Class Balance
Bruce just came by and agreed that his Producer Letter should have mentioned Class Balance and that of course we will definitely be making Class balance changes throughout the entire year and beyond!

Queueing Issues
We are still working on this. Unfortunately, I have no further updates at this time.

Other Content (PvP/PvE)
The PVP team is as busy as ever. We aren’t ready to talk about what they are working on. Please remember that this is not a comprehensive list of the whole year, or even beyond then!