Star Wars: Battlefront is Not Like Battlefield

star wars battlefront

We’ve heard the comparisons before so I’m sure you have as well: Battlefront is going to be just like a Star Wars themed Battlefield.


Wrong. Actually, Star Wars: Battlefront is not going to vary from Battlefield in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look.

First, shooting and vehicles are going to be different. These are some of the most important aspects of a Battlefield game so it’s very important to distinguish how Battlefront will be different. Customization options are also different in Battlefront. Presentation-wise, it’s definitely a Star Wars game and you won’t just feel like it’s a skinned Battlefield game. tells us more:

To get this out of the way, Star Wars: Battlefront is not a Battlefield game. Battlefront does share some similar mechanics with the Battlefield franchise, but not enough to say this is Battlefield: Star Wars. If anything, Star Wars: Battlefront is extremely faithful to the previous Pandemic Studios-developed Battlefront games.

Kevin Dunsmore then goes on to tell more about his personal experience with the game:

There are two main reasons Star Wars: Battlefront is not a Battlefield game; shooting and vehicles. Star Wars: Battlefront may look like a typical first-person shooter, but it’s not. Much like the previous Battlefront games, Star Wars: Battlefront can either be played in first or third-person. As you can expect, this changes up the gameplay dramatically. No longer is the game about aiming-down-the-sights and making sure you have the perfect shot, but more about moving quickly and making sure you have the jump on an opponent. You don’t have to ADS to get the perfect shot. There’s also little-to-no recoil, making it easier for third-person players to make more precise shots.

Read the full post if you want more details about how Battlefront varies from Battlefield but we’re going to say that we agree and while there will be some cross-over players, you shouldn’t reject Battlefront without trying it if you’re not a Battlefield fan. It’s going to vary in enough ways that you just might be pleasantly surprised.

Lisa Clark

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