Guide to HK 51

SWTOR Guide to HK 51

The HK-51 companion is finally here and this guide will explain what you need to do to acquire one. Some of the tasks are fairly easy but others will be very difficult so be prepared to spend some time on this quest. Before you can acquire your HK-51 companion, you’ll need to gather up a few components and there are seven of them altogether.

Scanning for Components

You’ll have to scan for four of the seven components. These are the HK Chassis, HK AI Regulator, HK Power Core and the HK Motivator.

In Taris, look for the downed Endar Spire. Just north of it, you’ll find the HK Chassis. As you approach the area near the end of the Endar Spire, you’ll notice it starts to gradually close in. This is where you need to start scanning until you find the component.

In Hoth, search for the HK Power Core component in and around the Ambira’s Fury crash site. Stay close to the ship when searching for this one. If you stray too far away, you won’t find it. You should also be aware that this is Empire territory so if you’re a Republic player on the PvE servers, be prepared for some very difficult PvP battles. It may even take you several tires before you succeed.

In Coruscant, head to the Jedi Temple Ruins. Begin your search for the HK AI Regulator on the bottom level of the ruins. It will take some time to find this component so don’t plan to do anything else for awhile. This is a large, circular area so it’s easy to overlook the HK AI Regulator. Take your time and cover the entire area well. This component is inside a Bind on Legacy container. Once you find it, you can trade the container to your main character going through the quest of the opposite faction. You also have the option of farming it for other characters in your legacy. However, this is such an exclusive item that if you choose the last option, you’ll need to invest in a field mail droid.

In Dromund Kaas at the Dark Temple Grounds, you’ll find the HK Motivator. Be prepared to stick around this area for awhile, too because it may take some time before you find the component. This is the largest surface area you’ll have to search and it takes time to cover it all. The component can spawn anywhere on the map from the door of the temple all the way to the outpost. The HK Motivator also comes in a Bind on Legacy container that you can trade between the Republic characters or if you prefer, you can farm it with a field mail droid for other characters.

A Little about the Scanner

Once you reach the area you need to scan, the Burba Seismic Excavator will make its first scan at 2 meters. If you come within 2 meters of the component you’re searching for, it will be revealed. You have one minute to loot the component. If you are unsuccessful, it will disappear and then relocate itself in a different spawn location so don’t waste any time. At this time, it’s not known if the components follow any specific pattern when they relocate.

If no component is found within the 2-meter radius, The Burba Seismic Excavator will implement search scans that spread out from the center in four different directions. It will then begin scanning at 5, 10, 15 and 25 meters. When this scan picks up the component, it will show you which one of the searches found it but you won’t get any directions leading you to it. Therefore, you’ll need to continue scanning the area where the scan picked it up until you pinpoint the component and it reveals itself.

Where to Find the Last Three Components

The last three components you’ll need are the HK Primary Transistor, HK Loyalty Chip and the HK Weapons Protocol. Here’s where you need to go to acquire these.

In Tatooine, buried deep inside of The Outlaw’s Den, you’ll find the HK Primary Transistor component. Go to the Southeast corner and look for the Jawa Salvager called Collector Kezzit. He will be near the black marker trader Blearg. Here you can buy the HK Transistor for 125,000 Credits. You’ll also receive an extra Burba Seismic Excavator/Scanner and some other salvaged items that appear to be useless at this time. You may run into some trouble when you’re searching for this one on a live server because there will surely be a lot of PvP activity going on in this area.

The HK Loyalty Chip is in Revan’s possession. In order to acquire it, you need to complete both flashpoints on the “Hard Mode” difficulty setting. After the release of Revan from Maelstrom Prison, you’ll find a chest at the exit. Inside of the chest are possessions, which have been confiscated. All you need to do now is open up the chest and retrieve your Loyalty Chip. After defeating Revan for the Foundry, you’ll find the HK Loyalty Chip at the top of the console located at the back of the loot chest.

The HK Weapons Protocol is found at The (False) Emperor’s Space Station. This one is easy to acquire. All you need to do is kill the emperor and loot the Weapons Protocol. You can even play this one on Normal Mode and you don’t have to do anything else in the instance to receive the component.

After acquiring all Seven Components

Once you have all seven components, you need to go back to SIS Agent Bren/General Avrun. When you get there, go to the Fatality so you can activate your HK-51 droid. Of course, this is going to be a lot harder than it sounds. Expect to be attacked by a group of Dread Guard assassins around every corner you turn. You’ll have to fight your way through these squads of assassins until you reach the heroic 2 level champion, Dread Guard Lord of Agony. Once you beat the champion and accomplish your quest, you can claim your prize by entering into the HK chamber.

If you’ve done this already, what tips do you have for readers on acquiring HK-51?

FAQ for Guide to HK-51 in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Who is HK-51?

HK-51 is a versatile assassin droid companion in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). Modeled after the infamous HK-47, HK-51 offers unique abilities and can be obtained through a special questline. He is available to both Republic and Imperial players.

How do I unlock HK-51?

Unlocking HK-51 requires completing a specific questline that involves multiple steps across different planets. Here’s a brief outline of the process:

  1. Start the Quest: The questline begins with a mission called “The Fatality” obtained from a droid on the fleet.
  2. Travel to Section X: Head to Section X on Belsavis and complete the initial missions.
  3. Retrieve HK-51 Parts: Collect HK-51 parts scattered across various planets, including Hoth, Taris, and Dromund Kaas. You will also need to collect parts from within the Maelstrom Prison (Republic) or The Foundry (Imperial) Flashpoints.
  4. Assemble HK-51: After collecting all parts, return to Section X to assemble and activate HK-51.

Where are the HK-51 parts located?

The HK-51 parts are located in specific areas across several planets:

  1. HK Chassis: Found in the Section X area on Belsavis.
  2. HK AI Regulator: Found in the Dromund Kaas (Imperial) or Coruscant (Republic).
  3. HK Motivator: Located on Taris (Republic) or Balmorra (Imperial).
  4. HK Power Core: Found on Hoth.
  5. HK Arm: Located in the Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint (Republic) or The Foundry Flashpoint (Imperial).

What abilities does HK-51 have?

HK-51 has several powerful abilities making him a versatile combat companion:

  • Assassinate: Delivers a devastating attack to a single target.
  • Overload: A powerful AoE attack dealing significant damage to multiple enemies.
  • HK-51 Reserves: An ability that provides self-healing over time.
  • Tactical Advantages: A passive ability increasing HK-51’s damage output.

Can HK-51 be customized?

Yes, HK-51 can be customized with different armor shells and weapon modifications. This allows you to change his appearance and improve his combat effectiveness.

Is there any special gear or items needed to unlock HK-51?

To unlock HK-51, you’ll need to gather the specific parts mentioned earlier. Additionally, having a well-equipped character can help you complete the missions and Flashpoints more efficiently.

What are some tips for obtaining HK-51?

  1. Group Up: Some parts are located in Flashpoints that may require a group to complete, so coordinating with other players can make the process smoother.
  2. Be Patient: The questline can be time-consuming, so patience and persistence are key.

Are there any achievements associated with HK-51?

Yes, unlocking HK-51 can earn you specific achievements, including:

  • Assassin Reborn: For completing the HK-51 questline.
  • Masterpiece: For fully assembling and activating HK-51.

Can I use HK-51 across all my characters?

Once unlocked, HK-51 is available to all characters on your account, both Republic and Imperial.

By following this guide and utilizing the mentioned resources, you can effectively unlock and optimize HK-51, adding a powerful and versatile companion to your SWTOR roster. May the Force be with you!

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