Star Wars: Battelfront 2 Community Transmission – October Timed Quests

Here is the latest community transmisson from the guys over at Dice. This time the details on some upcoming Timed Quests.


Back in May we had the May the Fourth event, which allowed you to unlock the Princess of Alderaan appearance for Leia Organa. We decided it was time to do another event, and this time we have both an appearance and emote up for grabs.

We’ll be running both Timed Quests for a week, starting on Friday 11th October and finishing the following Friday, on the 18th.

Here’s what you have to do to unlock them both.

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It’s not impossible


It’s now been over 40 years since Star Wars: A New Hope gave us our first look at Luke Skywalker, in particular his look from his time on Tatooine as a Farmboy. If you want to unlock this appearance here’s what you’ll have to do.

Objective: Defeat Enemies in Co-Op

Head on into Co-Op and defeat 150 enemies. This total does carry over, so you won’t have to achieve the full amount in a single game. This is an individual tally, not a team based one.

Claim the Appearance: Complete the objective and head to the collection screen.

As soon as you have defeated 150 enemies you will automatically unlock the appearance. From here you can go into the collection menu to equip it.

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Exact Revenge


Throughout July we gave you the opportunity to unlock various voice lines, and of these, one of them was Darth Maul saying “Kenobi”.

We know we have a lot of Darth Maul fans within the community and the feedback was clear, you wanted the “KENOBI!” scream. You wanted it, here’s how you can unleash the inner Dathomirian in you.

Objective: Capture Command Posts on Felucia

For those of you wanting to belt out “KENOBI!” at the top of your lungs you’ll be needing to head to Felucia and capture some Command Posts. You’ll be required to assist in the capture of 15 Command Posts, do so and the emote is yours.

Claim the Emote: Complete the objective and head to the collection screen.

Much like the Timed Quest for the new Luke Skywalker appearance, claiming your new emote is a simple process. Once you’ve achieved the 15 Command Post captures you’ll automatically unlock the Kenobi! emote. Head to the collection menu to equip it.



  • Timed Quests for both Farmboy Luke appearance and Kenobi! emote.
  • Both quests start at 12:00 AM on October 11th CEST.
  • Both quests finish at 06:00 AM on October 18th CEST.
  • Defeat 150 enemies in Co-Op to unlock the Farmboy Luke Appearance.
  • Capture 15 Command Posts on Felucia to unlock the Darth Maul Kenobi! emote.
  • Once unlocked, both appearance and emote will be in your collection menu.
  • Both appearance and emote will only be unlockable during this time, however there is a chance that they will return in other similar events in the future.