SWTOR Planetary Social Armor/Outfits

SWTOR Planetary Social Armor/Outfits

Are you getting bored with your planetary social armor/outfits? Do you want to make more of an impression when you drop by the towns after running Flashpoints? Just want something fun that not everyone else will have? Then you’re in luck. Most of the Star Wars: The Old Republic planets offer players social outfits that you can mold to meet your specific taste.

Here are some of the STWOR outfits you can acquire listed in the order of Social rankings you need to have for each of them:

  • Dromund Kaas & Coruscant– you’ll find the highest class of society on the capital planets and with a Social ranking of just “1”, this is where you can pick up formal suits and elegant dress outfits.
  • Imperial and Republic Fleets– pilots for the Imperial and Republic fleets have three different spacesuits to pick from but players must follow the Social Rank order of 1, 2 and 3 to acquire them. The first two spacesuits are very similar for both fractions but the third one is faction specific, so you’ll notice a big difference between the two.
  • Balmorra– want to join the cause and fight with the resistance fighters on Balmorra, then you can pick up an outfit and dress just like them but you must have a Social ranking of “2” first.
  • Nar Shaddaa– all female characters with a Social ranking of “2” can pick up a Slave Girl outfit on Nar Shaddaa at the promenade market.
  • Alderaan– tired of looking like a commoner. Then the House Ulgo social set that you’ll find on Alderaan may be exactly what you need. This outfit will surely make you stand out in a crowd but it does require a Social ranking of “3”.
  • Tatooine– the Sand People Garb is an all time favorite that all players can wear but you have to have a Social ranking of “3” before you can get one of these.
  • Quesh– if a life of crime is your secret desire, check out the Hutt Cartel set of armor, provided you have a Social ranking of “4”.
  • Hoth– with a Social ranking of “4”, you can try the Hailstorm Brotherhood set made from Tauntaun. It’s certainly different from any other outfit you’ll see!
  • Taris– the Death Claw set with respirator is the perfect outfit to make living on Taris with all its chemical clouds and marauding Rakghouls a little easier but you must have a Social ranking of “4” to get one.
  • Voss– the Jedi Consular robes are no doubt one of the most stylish outfits in all the land but going through all the meditation and training exercises to get one can be pain. If you want to skip the work but still acquire a set of Jedi Consular robes, visit Voss. Just make sure you have a Social ranking of “5” or you’ll be wasting your time.
  • Belsavis– if giving the innocents a good scare is your idea of a good laugh, the Belsavis Prisoners uniform will make quite an impression. For a Social ranking of “5”, you can look just like an escaped convict.
  • Corellia– with a Social ranking of “6”, you can acquire a unique welding mask and a pair of driving shades from the very hard working and creative inhabitants of Corellia.

Each one of the Social outfits above cost 1400 credits and you’ll find them at the starting zone of each planet. Just visit the social items vendor inside of the cantina to get yours.

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