Star Wars: 1313 Development on Hold?

star wars 1313

We’ve told you about Star Wars:1313 here in the past and have been following the production of the game to give you updates whenever possible. Well, it now seems like the development has stalled out. Will this be a temporary pause or is the whole game on shutdown? We don’t actually know right now.

As Eucantina explains:

The very impressive looking and possibly next-generation video game Star Wars: 1313 hasn’t been heard about since its last major showing at Star Wars Celebration VI in August. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, and thus LucasArts, word started to spread that Disney’s video game focus would be more on casual games than AAA console titles like 1313 was shaping up to be. Some fans started to get nervous. What did this mean for 1313? Would development shift to a different developer as Disney decided how to best use LucasArts? Would the game be cancelled? It wouldn’t be the first time an anticipated Star Wars video game has been cancelled, as people hoping for a Battlefront 3 know well.

All of that aside, LucasArts says that production is still on for 1313 but they don’t give any details into what that means exactly or how long it might be before we see the game that so many are super excited for. Kotaku put on their detective hats and did some digging…learning that there is a very good chance Lucasfilm has put this game on hold to focus on the Star Wars trilogy and standalone spinoff films that everyone is looking for right now.


Here is some of what Kotaku had to say about it:

Three unrelated sources familiar with game development at LucasArts have all told us that development on the game has been frozen or put on hold since the Disney company’s November acquisition of Star Wars creator George Lucas’ media empire. That freeze has caused a game that was slated for a late 2013 release on next-gen platforms to potentially miss this year’s E3 and to slide into next year.

LucasArts won’t talk about the status of1313, other than to assure us, when we asked, that it’s not cancelled. “”LucasArts has been working diligently to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that the new Star Wars movies present,” a company spokesperson told us, when we inquired about the status of the game. “”Star Wars 1313 continues production.”

Ugh… so what do you think?

The game looked really awesome. Do you think they are going to put it on hold for the movies?

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