swtor social armor

SWTOR Planetary Social Armor/Outfits

Are you getting bored with your planetary social armor/outfits? Do you want to make more of an impression when you drop by the towns after running Flashpoints? Just want something fun that not everyone else will have? Then you’re in luck. Most of the Star Wars: The Old Republic planets offer players social outfits that you can mold to meet your specific taste. Here are some of the STWOR outfits you can acquire listed in the order of Social rankings you need to have for each of them: Dromund Kaas & Coruscant– you’ll find the highest class of society on the capital planets and with a Social ranking of just “1”, this is where you can pick up formal suits and elegant dress outfits. Imperial and Republic Fleets– pilots for the Imperial and Republic fleets have three different spacesuits to pick from but players must follow the Social Rank order…

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