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Kaon-Under-Siege guide

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The Flashpoint Kaon Under Siege was added to Star Wars: The Old Republic with Patch 1.1 and it’s one of the hardest in the game. It’s intended for players who are at least a level 50. It takes place on a Spaceshuttle where an infection broke out, which turned everyone into a creature that resembles a zombie.

The infection was passed from one person to another until everyone was infected. The main difference between this instance and many of the others is that the mobs are much harder to kill and there are a lot of them in the beginning of the Flashpoint.

First Boss: The Mobs

Instead of going up against a boss, the first thing your group will encounter is a big mobs fight. The objective is to stay alive as you’re met with waves of incoming mobs. The first fight will appear shortly after you begin the instance when you see a glowing blue turret in the middle of the room. Just ignore it for a minute, turn to the right of the turret and take out the mobs pack gathered there.

Once that is done and you’re ready for the real fight, have the weakest member of your team mount the turret while someone else starts the timer. The fight will begin immediately so the person on the turret needs to turn towards the mobs coming at you. The turret will shoot automatically so you don’t have to do anything but face the enemy. Everyone should be ready to fight off the waves of mobs and the whole fight last for three minutes.

The first wave of mobs will be of normal strength and not very hard to kill but they get harder as the battle goes on. After the normal mobs, you have the Infected Screamer. These will pushback your tank into groups of mobs so the tank needs to have his back next to a wall to keep that from happening.

Next is the Bloated Plaguebringer who is bigger and fatter than the rest. You need to pay real close attention to these zombies. When their health goes below 10 or 20 percent, they will stand in one spot and they’re bodies will begin bloating. If you see this happening, you need to get away from him because he’ll continue to get bigger until he explodes. If you’re within a 5 to 10 mile radius when this happens, they’ll knock you back about 20 feet and do about 40 to 50 percent damage to your health.

Last is the Infected Mercenary who is very strong with a channeled Choke ability that will grip and hold you for a very long time. When he gets a grip on someone in your group, it needs to be interrupted as quickly as possible especially if it’s your healer or tank.

The best way to deal with the mobs is to take out the Infected Mercenary first, deal with the infected screamer next and then kill the Bloated Plaguebringer last. Just make sure you lead him far enough away from the group so that he won’t do any damage to them when he does explode. Collect your loot and move on to the second boss fight.

Second Boss: Rakghoul Behemoth

The second boss is Rakghoul Behemoth and you’ll find him in a large room with four barrels. These barrels are explosive tanks with big red arrows pointing them out. They also have a blue glowing color so you can’t miss them.

One of Behemoth abilities is using a shield that decreases the damage he takes by about 90 percent. During this time, you can’t do much damage to him so before this happens, you’ll need to pull the boss around the room and get him near one of barrels. When he puts up his shield, you need to click on the barrel (barrels do respawn) to make it explode and this will remove the shield and do damage to him and any mobs around the area.

Now, you need to move him to the next one and repeat the process. Occasionally, Behemoth will go into a state of frenzy where he chooses a target at random and deals out a lot of damage. The tank needs to kite him around when this happens. Keep up the pace until you have drained him of all his health and you win the battle.

Bonus Boss: KR-82

The bonus boss is KR-82 and he will be a real challenge. You’ll need to destroy the clickable consoles you find throughout the instance to spawn this fight, so it can be skipped if you’re not up to the challenge.

If you choose to fight, your tank needs to be alert and quick to respond in order kill this boss. However, before you can actually fight KR-82, you need go through a room full of mobs that will destroy you if you’re not fully prepared to take them on.

Once you get past the mobs, you’ll face the bonus boss. He has two attacks that will focus on random members of your team. One is an explosive shot attack that will deal out a lot of AoE damage and the other is a channeled missile attack.

This boss also has an energy shield that will activate when he is around 66 percent and 33 percent health. When the shield appears he won’t attack your group for about 20 seconds but he will summons three adds. They need to be burned down as quickly as possible before KR-82 begins attacking again.

He also has the Grapple ability that grabs your whole party all at once. It will pull everyone to him where he can use his AoE ability to do damage to all of you at one time. You may be able to keep him from grabbing you if you can get something between you and him when he uses his Grapple ability.

Third Boss: Lk’graagth and Adds

The third and final boss fight consists of Lk’graagth and his two adds. You’ll need to kill both of the adds first, one at a time, before trying to take out the boss. The reason this is important is because Lk’graagth will order them to attack a random member of your team. Once they begin their attack, you can’t taunt them off until the attack order ends, during which time they can do a lot of damage.

After you kill the first add, the other one will become enraged, so try to kill him fast before he does too much damage to your team. In the meantime, look out for more adds that will enter the room the same way you did.

These can do a lot of damage to your team so you need to be ready and start killing them as they enter, while still working on the second original add. Once he is dead, another group of adds will enter. After killing off all the adds, focus on the boss until you take him out. Once Lk’graagth is dead, the Flashpoint ends.

Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic

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