Intergalactic Intel: How to be a raid leader part 2

“You’re a what now?” Explaining things to your mother is never easy. Especially when it comes to video games.

“A raid leader. I’m like the boss.”

“What are you killing people’s homes and towns?”

“No. What? Why would you ask that?”

“You said raid leader. So you’re leading a raid.” I wanted to bury my face into my hands.

Welcome back to another article of intergalactic intel. We’re continuing our in depth look at raiding with part two of raid leading. Last time we talked about tips on raid leading as well as qualifications of a good raid leader. Today we’re gonna talk about what responsibilities a raid leader has.

As we all know operation encounters can be very confusing and chaotic. It’s the raid leader’s job to make heads and tails of what’s going on in the fight. . A raid leader is like a conductor in an orchestra.  Most of the time you’ll hear raid leaders calling out abilities, telling people to move, etc. Raid leaders need to be able to make things happen at the right time with the right raiders.

For example, the raid leader notices the tanks is taking a beating. He can then in turn call for one of the healers to use stronger abilities or use more abilities on the tank to keep them alive.

Raid leaders are also responsible for analyzing fights. (Check last week’s article to learn how to analyze fights!) Knowing how to assign various roles to different people is important. Raid leaders need to also keep track of what each class and is capable of.

So raid leaders need to analyze fights, understand each class, and direct fights, all while commanding respect from their raiders. It’s a difficult position to hold, but when everything goes well it’s a great feeling and can be a great experience.  Next week we’ll discuss what tanks responsibilities and tips. Well until next time, may the force be with you!