Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Developer Insights: Moff Gideon

Moff Gideon has arrived to impose his will on the Holotables! The formidable Moff, once an officer in the Imperial Security Bureau and now wielder of the legendary Mandalorian Darksaber, uses his unique talents to lead Imperial Troopers into battle.

Always tactical and looking for every advantage, Moff Gideon controls the battlefield by utilizing AoE attacks, Turn Meter manipulation, and applying both Daze and a new debuff that leaves his foes Demoralized.

With the Darksaber in hand, Moff Gideon turns his attention to chasing down the Child. Use his unrelenting focus and astute battlefield knowledge to lead your squad of Imperial Troopers onto the Holotables and bring glory to the Empire by unlocking Moff Gideon in an all-new Marquee event.

Long live the Empire!

The Basics:

  • Moff Gideon is an Empire Leader with a very focused synergy with Imperial Troopers.
  • Gideon gains Insight into the enemy team, unlocking an ability to deal damage and daze the entire enemy side.
  • He carries the Darksaber into combat.
  • He has the ability to reset both sides’ turn meters to 0 with the aptly named “Control the Situation” special ability. This ability, at tier 6, will also give your side a headstart in Turn Meter gain.

Unique Attributes:

  • Gideon is the first unit to care about an enemy unit having the Leader tag, and not just be in the Leader slot.
  • Enemies with the Leader tag can’t resist the Daze from Subversive Volley.
  • Enemies with the Leader tag taking a turn will give Gideon a stack of Insight and give all Imperial Troopers a buff to Offense for the rest of the encounter.
  • Tactical Deployment’s Zeta ability practically begs you to bring a properly disciplined fireteam into battle: 1 Tank, 2 Support, and 2 Attackers. All of them being Imperial Troopers as well will give them bonus offense and one self-revive per encounter.


  • Know Your Adversaries is based on the scene in Season 1 where Moff Gideon knows way more than we expect him to about Din Djarin, Carasynthia Dune, and Greef Karga. This had a psychological effect on them that this ability represents with the Demoralized debuff.
  • Moff Gideon was able to take Mando out of the fight by blowing up the E-Web powerpack instead of attacking him directly. This is one of his more memorable moves in the show and we represent this by the Insight stacks he gains and the Subversive Volley ability they unlock.
  • While Moff Gideon uses the Darksaber in the stinger for the final episode of Season 1, we never see him fight with it. Since this version of the character is based entirely on his screen time in Season 1, we knew that while we had to include the Darksaber, but left it to function identical to Sabine’s Special (only with a longer cooldown).

Strategy Tips:

  • Before you even enter a battle, consider how many units on the enemy side have the Leader tag. The more Leaders, the more the Zeta in Moff Gideon’s Leader ability will trigger, and the more powerful your attack will be. In a Grand Arena, you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for credit.
  • Control the Situation looks like an ability you want to press whenever it is up, but since it gives your side an edge in Turn Meter, consider waiting and using it when it looks like the enemy side is about to take many turns in a row.
  • Only use The Darksaber if you will get that fourth Insight stack through an opponent’s attack or you really need the Armor Shred.

Squad Suggestions:

  • For Attackers you choose two from the following: Death Trooper, Snowtrooper, Magma Trooper.
  • For Tank you’ll be choosing from Shoretrooper or Stormtrooper.
  • Finally the last spot is going to be the hardest to decide between: Piett, Veers, Starck, or Range Trooper. Pick one because your other support will be Moff Gideon himself.
  • Each choice brings something different to the table so you may want to tailor your squad to the squad you will be facing off against, and what abilities you feel will be most impactful.

Does Moff Gideon himself revive with the revive ability in his Leader?

  • Yes. While usually this isn’t the case with abilities like this, we wanted to represent his “hard to kill” nature seen at the end of Season 1.

Subversive Volley hits anyone with the leader tag and not just the unit in the leader slot?

  • Correct. This is the first unit in the game to care about a tag like this. We wanted you making a tactical decision before even entering the battle by considering the makeup of the enemy team.

I’m excited to see what the darksaber will look like in game.

  • (Cries in Sabine). You all really don’t use her, do you?

Does Control the Situation take away turn meter from both sides?