Star Wars: Battlefront Death Star DLC: What we know so far

Here is a rundown of all the information gathered about the upcoming DLC for Star Wars: Battelfront named Death Star.



  • His bowcaster behaves differently to the starcard (more powerful)
  • Furious Firing Trait: each trait level gives his bowcaster an additional bolt (up to 4)
  • Multi-Bolts ability: doubles the amount of bolts fired for a brief moment, allows to modify its damage output and area of effect. It has to be charged like Lando’s power blast.
  • Mighty Roar: Gives nearby allies level 3 berserker effect and armor for a limited time. Chewy gains armor and damage too. Friendly heroes only gain armor not damage.
  • Ground Slam ability: damages all enemies in a large area. Gives him extra reach and area of effectiveness.
  • Has more health than most heroes and a small amount of armor (rebel tank)
  • Slower than rebel heroes


  • His Relby-v10 does a bit more damage than the regular one
  • Trandoshan Regeneration Trait: health regeneration with each kill or high damage to a hero. HP regeneration increases with trait level.
  • Micro-Grenades ability: each shot will shoot a micro grenade that can detonate on impact with an enemy or after a short time otherwise. Long cool down.
  • Predatory instincts: No cool down. activates heat vision (hard to tell friendlies and foes), fastens cool down time, enhances damage and speed. Flash grenades will be supper effective against him.
  • Toxis escape: leap into moving direction dropping a very powerful dioxis cloud


  • Fully controllable, can’t jump
  • Support character
  • He can stun enemies at short distance
  • Scanning ability

Luke’s Red Five

  • R2D2 on board, regenerates HP
  • Biggs and Wedge are his wingmen
  • It will be fairly similar to a regular X Wing

Vader’s Tie Advance

  • 2 Imperial Ace wingmen
  • It’s a hybrid of the TIE Fighter and TIE Interceptor with some specific Vader abilities.
  • Similar ability to the new TIE Interceptor’s laser barrage

Y Wings appear to a pick up


Death Star is a very tight playlist, mostly filled with Battle Station. Might have more modes later.

Battle Station

  • Could be at least 30 minutes long
  • At some point there will be an asteroid field
  • 1st phase: Rebels need to destroy TIE fighters until Y wings come in to weaken Star Destroyer defenses so it can be taken down. Imperial players along with AI ships will be set up to defend it.
  • 2nd phase: Rebels have to locate and rescue R2D2 from the Death Star. Bossk and Chewie will be playable here. Close quarters infantry combat. Iconic locations from the movie will be present.
  • 3rd phase: Rebels attempt to blow the Death Star doing the trench run. Both new hero ships will be playable here along the Millenium Falcon.

Heroes vs Villains will be included in th Death Star DLC


  • 5 multiplayer maps set on space and on the Death Star


Blasters and star cards

  • Disruption is getting nerfed
  • Possible buff to RT97-c
  • Bacta cloud will give extra HP over time not instantly, taking damage will stop bonus health ticks


  • Han’s shoulder charge won’t work in the air now
  • Leia is getting a small buff
  • Lando’s power blast will not be fixed yet


  • Speed boost is now faster and has a lower cool down
  • A wings’ shields will be replaced by a speed boost
  • Tie Intercepors’ ion missile will be replaced by an anti-shield laser barrage
  • TIE’s speed boost is now faster and has a lower cooldown
  • Soft lock on will have a cool down
  • Hit detection has had some work on it as well other work to prevent ship ramming (lol).


  • TL-50 Heavy Repeater: sends a storm of bolts and can gather its energy into a devastating concussion blast
  • K-16 Bryar Pistol: it’s capable of discharging the entire heat source in one powerful blast.
  • Medical Droid: Stationary, provides healing and boost to Star Card recharge rate
  • Laster trip mine: powerful explosive withh a built in scrambler


  • Leia’s getting her iconic DS dress and hair buns
  • Luke and Han will have storm trooper armor skin (Luke still has light saber)
  • Customization scheme will get an overhaul and will be more dynamic (not attached to DLC)
  • Shoulder pauldrons are coming for storm troopers (not blue)
  • Imperial officer, Imperial navy, rebel pilot, and Tantive IV trooper skins will be added