SWTOR: Is this lack of communication normal?

Eric Musco took on the forums earlier today to address the lack of communication from the SWTOR Developers.

Hey folks,

I thought this thread was a good opportunity to talk about the communication as of late. Although I may not post every day, I am definitely here, reading the forums. I know that there is frustration right now because you are all eager to learn more about what is coming in Knights of the Eternal Throne. We just aren’t ready to talk about Eternal Throne yet, and so I can’t answer your questions at this time.

But, I do want to make sure you know when we will begin really talking about Eternal Throne. That date is October 7th. The day/night of our New York Comic-con Cantina is when you can expect details about Eternal Throne. Once we have crossed the 7th (and through launch), I will be able to address questions in the forum more directly, we will be posting developer blogs related to the expansion, and more.

I know this post is an announcement of an announcement but were almost there, only a few more weeks.

Thanks everyone.


Dev Post 2

Can you let us know if the story team read the posts in the story and lore section and are aware of the massive number of plot holes, inconsistencies and in short bland, dull and banal story that was Kotfe?

Do the game play team read the forums and see that 20 mins of cut scenes followed by 10 mins of sky troopers falling from the sky an exciting chapter it is not?

While you can’t talk about is the operations person planning just to rescale all ops to level 70 and call it a day, with no new operations? If so is there going to be an alternate method to get the new tier of gear without having to regrind the same operations again?


We talked a little bit about some of this on the last Producer Livestream, but I can address most of those:

  • Keep in mind that Eternal Throne is a continuation of the story in KOTFE. There are things that are not yet wrapped up or completed, and that is intentional. You aren’t through the whole story yet…
  • The feedback of “killin’ skytroopers” has definitely been passed on to the team, they are aware
  • Your last question I cannot answer since you are asking about content/gearing in Eternal Throne. More coming on that later.


Dev Post 3


There is so much more that I am so much more eager to learn more about than KotET. How about someone addressing five years worth of questions about guild management improvements? How about five years worth of questions about PvP balance issues? How about five years worth of concerns on the illusory nature of player choice in in SWTOR? How about five years worth of concerns about slow-to-non-existent developer feedback? That’s just to name a few of the things people are actually “eager to learn more about.”


Those are all topics I feel like we have talked about quite a bit, but I think those tend to be conversations that happen around Cantinas. They may not be as prominent on the forums:

  • Guild Management is something that we are always looking to improve. Guild quality of life is important and although I have nothing specific to announce, this is always a place we are looking for opportunities.
  • PvP balance, really any balance, is an on-going thing. We are always looking at the current state of the game and what needs to change. We have an expansion coming and if you look at previous expansions as an example, they typically come with changes...
  • Player choice is an interesting topic. KOTFE in many ways had more impact for your choices than our previous stories. One of the pieces of feedback we saw is that sometimes you may make a choice, but not see the consequences until much later on (Koth!). This can definitely lessen the feeling that those choices had impact, since the choice and impact of that choice were far apart.
  • Developer feedback is something that waxes and wanes a bit. Where we have opportunity to seek out feedback and for players to engage with developers, we try to take it. Previous conversations around class changes are the best examples. I know it isn’t on-going, but we try to capitalize on those opportunities as we can.

Oh god, are you saying I can finally ENJOY the story content??

After killing 30 skytroopers, yes


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EDIT: Eric, if you see this, it’s not all about KOTET. I never said anything about KOTET, you brought that up. Not everyone is excited for it. It’s about general day to day communication and addressing other player concerns which I personally would like to see more of.

I know it isn’t. The expansion, the future (especially group/MMO content), etc has been a prominent topic on the forums this week . A general thread about communication seemed like a good place to explain the reasoning around that silence.

I didn’t mean to be a rule breaker and hi-jack your thread!