Developer Blog: Vanguard and Powertech Changes for Patch 3.0

Bioware certainly didn’t waste time with their updates for Patch 3.0 after announcing the upcoming changes on Commandos and Mercenaries. Today in a new developer blog post, the Austin-based developer offered details on Vanguards and Powertechs. The changes are not as extensive as the classes covered in yesterday’s post but are definitely worth a closer look.


Some highlights:

  • Powertechs
    • All Mercs get two additional passive abilities – Puncture and Prototype cylinders
    • No drastic changes have been made to Powertech tanking, but there is a new ability called firestorm that incinerates everything in a 10-meter cone range
    • Pyrotech discipline has undergone significant changes and gains two additional abilities – scorch and flaming fist
    • Advanced prototype discipline gains two new active abilities – magnetic and energy blast

You can read additional details about the changes at the official SWToR website.