SWTOR 4.0 Class Changes: Inquisitor and Consular

SWTOR 4.0 Changes SI and Consular for swtorstrategies front

In the following 2 videos you can see and hear the details about the recent changes Bioware announced today for the Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular Classes in Knights of the Fallen Empire, the next Digital Expansion of SWTOR.

Narrated and recorded by Vulkk.

In a nutshell, players receive 1 new ability at lvl 61, reshuffle of active and passive abilities gained through leveling with no change of their effects (for now) and 3 new Utilities, 1 for each tier.

Bioware’s short message and reasoning for these changes:

With 4.0, we wanted to give Assassins and Shadows a better way to stealthily approach or return to their enemy target, and their new ability was specifically designed to do just that. For Sorcerers and Sages, we wanted to give them an additional way to escape peril, so we made Phase Walk available to them.

All of the following notes are subject to change!