Why It’s Better to Deposit Money Than to Play with No Deposit Bonuses

The online gambling scene is more vibrant than ever before. Fast internet connection, adoption of new technologies such as blockchain, and an increase in the number of Australian people who prefer playing Poker, Roulette, and other online games are fueling the growth.

As John Gold from BetPokies says, despite the vast market, the competition for users is cutthroat among casinos. The casinos are left with no option but to use incentives to draw in new users and encourage the existing ones to take part in the different games.

No Deposit Bonuses Essentials

One of the incentives that they use is the no deposit bonus. As the name suggests, this bonus allows new users to play any or specific games hosted on the casino without first depositing real money into their account. You can get free spins on pokies without first depositing any money into your account.

Usually, a no deposit bonus is part of the welcome bonus offered by the casino. However, it’s subject to specific terms and conditions that govern how you can redeem the won cash. While most casinos allow Australian users to withdraw the won money, some require players to play a given number of games and achieve a specified win percentage or ratio. 

No Deposit Bonuses Types

Before we discuss why it’s better to deposit money than play with a no deposit bonus, let’s briefly look at this group’s three main types of bonuses.

  • Free Cash No Deposit Bonus – This bonus rewards new users with free cash immediately after registering and activating the account. You can use the free money to learn the ropes if you are new to the game and experiment with different strategies. 
  • Free Play/Free Credits No Deposit Bonus – While most casinos offer free spins on the Pokies machine, some go against the grid to provide free credits once you redeem the bonus. The free credits must be used within a specified period after expiration, and you cannot request more. Use the won cash to increase your bankroll. 
  • Free Spins No Deposit Bonus – Over the last two years, video slot games have gained massive traction in the online casino world today. The casinos that offer this game offer a free spins no deposit bonus that allows Aussie players to take a shot on the machine without using real money. 

The experience earned playing using these free spins will increase your chances of success once you deposit funds into your account.

No deposit bonuses have their perks and make sense to most people to redeem them. Nonetheless, there are some gray areas and downsides that you should consider.

Other common types of no deposit bonuses offered by online casinos in Australia are;

  • Free spins
  • Standard no deposit bonus
  • Cashable bonus
  • Non-cashable bonus

Why Deposit Real Money Instead of Redeeming No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus looks promising from a distance, and it makes sense for a new player to redeem it. However, experts recommend depositing real money and using it to play instead of relying on the no deposit bonus. Here are the reasons.

Stringent Wagering Requirements

Ever heard of the mantra – the house never loses? Well, it applies not only to brick-and-mortar casinos but also to online casinos. The casino’s primary goal is to draw in new users and incentivize them to start playing by offering free cash or free spins. 

Unfortunately, the wagering requirements associated with this kind of bonus are too stringent and sometimes impossible to beat. For example, a casino will set a high threshold of the number of times you must play a game using the bonus to withdraw the cash. 

 Some also require players to wager a given amount (usually very high) before depositing. Meeting this goal is almost impossible unless you are a pro in the game.

Limited Timeframe

No deposit bonus has an expiry date and has to be redeemed before it expires. The bonus can expire within 24 hours after you redeem it, so you must act fast. You may have to adjust your schedule to find enough time to play.

High Bet Sizes

As mentioned, the casino often imposes stringent wagering requirements on new Aussie players. These requirements must be met for a cash withdrawal request to be successfully processed. The only way of meeting the requirement is to increase the bet size.

You need to bet the maximum amount to profit from the bonus. For instance, you may be required to bet at least ten coins on video poker to get 100 coins as a bonus. You won’t get the bonus if you bet using nine coins or below. Remember, the higher the bet size, the higher the risk of losing, so tread carefully. 


A careful analysis of the feasibility of a no deposit bonus shows that it’s better to deposit money and use it to play instead of redeeming the no deposit bonus to withdraw the winnings. Review the wagering requirements and other guidelines to know if the bonus is worth aiming at to avoid regrets and wasting time. 

And if you’re facing a gambling addiction, get free help and call the National Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858.