New Color Crystals and an Exciting Surprise!


Not long ago we brought you some datamined updates from swtor_miner and now he has some more great info for us. It’s all about new color crystals hopefully on the way and a little insight that he says really “blew his mind”. So are you ready?

First he explains the new color crystals:

This all started with my quest to discover a list of new color crystals that were added to the game. The easiest place I thought to look is at the English UI element lists, so I started there. And here’s what I found:

Available Color CrystalUnavailable Color Crystal
Available DyeUnavailable Dye

Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White, Orange, Purple, Black-Yellow, Black-Blue, Black-Green,Black-Light Blue, Black-Light Red, Black-Orange, Black-Purple, Black-Red, Black-White, Razer Green, Light Blue, Light Red, Orange-Yellow, Pink-Purple, Orange-Red, Cyan-Blue, Lime-Green, Derelict Purple, Golden Yellow, Silver Blue, Emerald Green, Light Green, White Black, Copper, Vivid Green

Black/Black, Black/White, White/White, White/Black, White/Light Orange, Dark Brown/White, Dark Green/White ,Deep Pink/Deep Purple, Medium Gray/White, Medium Brown/White, Black/Deep Red, Black/Dark Purple, Dark Blue/Light Brown, Deep Red/Dark Purple, Dark Purple/Light Blue, Deep Yellow/Deep Red, Deep Red/Black, Deep Red/White, Deep Green/Medium Yellow, Light Gray/Deep Red, Pale Gray/Dark Yellow, Deep Blue/White, Deep Orange/Dark Red, Medium Gray/Dark Green, Dark Blue/Deep Green, Deep Red/Dark Blue, Dark Blue/Deep Red,Medium Green/Dark Green, Dark Green/Medium Green, Light Blue/Medium Blue, White/Deep Red, Dark Purple/Deep Yellow, Dark Brown/Medium Brown

Mint Green

Dark Yellow/Medium Yellow, Medium Orange/Light Green, Medium Orange/Medium Blue, Pale Red/Pale Brown, Dark Red/Pale Red, Medium Brown/Medium Green, Medium Red/Medium Green, Pale Blue/Pale Gray, Medium Orange/Pale Yellow, Pale Blue/Medium Purple, Deep Purple/Medium Green, Dark Purple/Light Purple, Black/Medium Yellow, Deep Purple/Medium Pink

So then he goes on to reveal the big info that will blow your mind: The Dye system is the Color Crystal system, just extended to work on gear!

How super awesome is that?

Basically what this means if the datamined info is correct, is that almost every dye color combination currently available is a copy of a color crystal.

Lisa Clark

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