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New Color Crystals and an Exciting Surprise!

Not long ago we brought you some datamined updates from swtor_miner and now he has some more great info for us. It’s all about new color crystals hopefully on the way and a little insight that he says really “blew his mind”. So are you ready? First he explains the new color crystals: This all started with my quest to discover a list of new color crystals that were added to the game. The easiest place I thought to look is at the English UI element lists, so I started there. And here’s what I found: Key: Available Color Crystal – Unavailable Color Crystal Available Dye – Unavailable Dye Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White, Orange, Purple, Black-Yellow, Black-Blue, Black-Green,Black-Light Blue, Black-Light Red, Black-Orange, Black-Purple, Black-Red, Black-White, Razer Green, Light Blue, Light Red, Orange-Yellow, Pink-Purple, Orange-Red, Cyan-Blue, Lime-Green, Derelict Purple, Golden Yellow, Silver Blue, Emerald Green, Light Green, White Black, Copper, Vivid Green Black/Black, Black/White, White/White, White/Black, White/Light Orange, Dark Brown/White, Dark Green/White ,Deep Pink/Deep Purple, Medium Gray/White, Medium…

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Do You Ever Wonder How Lightsabers Got their Famous Sound?

Well now you can hear the story as Ben Burtt talks about creating the sounds for the lightsabers in Star Wars. As he worked on “A New Hope”, Burtt probably wasn’t aware that he was inventing modern sound design. This is a really cool video to help you learn more about lightsabers came to have this distinct sound that we all know and recognize from the movies, games and even toy lightsabers (yes, I own a few of those). Check out the awesome video to learn more. Also remember to check our old “How stuff works” post on Lightsabers. Who knows, you might learn something 🙂

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