PTS Update – March 6th, 2014

swtor PTS Update

A new patch was applied to the PTS on 3/6/2014. The new changes are below, and have been merged into the existing patch notes. You can check out the existing patch notes here.


  • New options for the Ground Target Area of Effect reticle: Sticky Ground Target Reticule – When active, this option makes it so your Ground Target Reticule doesn’t disappear if the cast fails. Example: Bounty Hunter attempts to activate Death From Above, but their target location is out of range. With this option active, the GTAoE reticule should persist and allow the Player to instantly attempt to recast. If this option isn’t active, then the reticule should disappear and the Player will have to click to cast again.
  • Quick Ground Target Activation – When active, pressing a hotkey that belongs to a GTAoE twice should cast the ability at the feet of the Player’s target. Example: Player has the Pass the Huttball ability saved to Hotkey #3. Player targets an ally and then presses 3 two times. The Huttball Pass should be activated at the feet of the targeted ally. If this option is turned off, then there should be no changes to the existing behavior.

Classes + Combat

Jedi Knight



  • Enure now has a 60 second cooldown (down from 90 seconds).
  • Commandng Awe will now apply its 7.5%/15% damage resistance while Enure is active (instead of Focused Defense)

Sith Warrior



  • Endure Pain has a 60 second cooldown (down from 90 seconds).
  • Deafening Defense will now apply it’s 7.%/15% damage resistance while Endure Pain is active (instead of Enraged Defense).