Star Wars: Force Arena: 07/20 Update Details

Here are the latest update details from Star Wars: Force Arena.  This time  there will be 2 new cards and a host of balance changes! Let’s get straight to it then!

2 New Units

Two new units are being added to the game. The Scout Trooper [Galactic Empire] and the Mobile Ray Shield [Rebel Alliance] will be added in this update.

Galactic Empire

Scout Troopers 
Scout troopers are specialized soldiers that excel at reconnaissance and infiltration. Their light armor, superior mobility, and their renowned marksmanship make these troopers extremely effective at dealing with enemy threats.

▶Unlocked from Imperial Tier 7: Bronzium
▶Summons two Scout Troopers
▶Their sophisticated weaponry allows them to slow down attacking units

Rebel Alliance

Mobile Ray Shield
The Mobile Ray Shield was built to be portable and is effective when used in large-scale battles. This mobile shield generator creates a barrier instantly upon deployment and protects allies within its barriers from external blaster fire.

▶Unlocked from Rebel Alliance Tier 7: Bronzium
▶Mobile Ray Shield creates a huge bubble which protects units from enemy blaster attacks
▶Units inside the Mobile Ray Shield can still attack enemy units outside the shield
▶The Mobile Ray Shield does not stop enemy movement
▶The Mobile Ray Shield can’t block special attacks. However it can block enemy missiles, piercing attacks and beam attacks. Air Strikes cannot be blocked.
▶Great for large scale combat as it helps protect all allied units in a certain area.


As well as these two new units, there will also be a round of balance changes. These balance changes are aimed at taking certain characters down a notch, as well as bringing underutilized cards back into the fold.

Galactic Empire

40th Anniversary Vader

40th Anniversary Vader has been quite a dominating force in the Arena. Since he was released, he has caused a pretty strong shift in the power balance between the two sides. Due to this, we will be adjusting some aspects of 40th Anniversary Vader.

▶Skill Damage reduced from 300% to 250%
▶Modified the skill so it can no longer be interrupted by himself.

Death Squad Leader

Since the change to Death Squad Leader, he has seen low usability on the field. Our original intention was to make sure that the unit was not too overpowering with the slight buffs that he had. We are rolling back the energy change to Death Squad Leader in order to give him more versatility on the battlefield.

▶Energy Requirement reduced from 6→5

TX-225 Assault Tank

The TX-225 Assault Tank has been underutilized for quite some time. The animation for the Assault Tank to start it’s attack was far too long for it to be viable. To give the TX-255 Assault Tank a fighting chance against the MTV-7 Light Vehicle and the AT-ST, a few changes have been made.

▶Damage to units has been changed from 220 to 242
▶Damage to buildings has been increased from 330 to 363
▶Attack preparation animation increased by 50%

Imperial Jump Trooper

The Imperial Jump Troopers have been an incredibly niche pick for some time.  He has had some moderate success however he is still in a very tiny pigeonhole of useage. We are going to be making a few adjustments to make him a little more versatile.

▶Attack speed has been changed from 1.8 to 1.65.
▶Skill Cooldown (Evasive Jump) reduced from 5 → 4 seconds.

Dioxis Grenade

The Dioxis Grenade is a very powerful and flexible tool in the Empire arsenal. However we feel that it is currently a little too wide reaching, and therefore we are reducing the radius of the Dioxis Grenade.

▶Effect Radius reduced from 8 to 6

Nerve Gas Grenade

The Nerve Gas Grenade is a very powerful and flexible tool in the Empire arsenal. However we feel that it is currently a little too wide reaching, and therefore we are reducing the radius of the Nerve Gas Grenade.

▶Effect Radius reduced from 8 to 6

Rebel Alliance

Baze Malbus

Baze has had somewhat of a good showing these past 2 weeks. We have been monitoring his performance and he still isn’t quite as good as we had planned. We will be giving him an animation speed increase to allow him to deal his damage more effectively.

▶Buster Shot Skill’s firing animation is now 50% faster
▶Modified the skill so it can no longer be interrupted by himself.

Lando Calrissian

Lando Calrissian has been a top pick for the Rebel Alliance for quite some time, however we feel that he is incredibly weak and awkward when he is attacking. Due to this, we are bringing some overall improvements to his basic attacks to make him feel more like a leader.

▶Basic Attack overhauled

Princess Leia

Princess Leia has been on the receiving end of a few improvements lately, however we have received a few comments that her play style is still a little odd. Her attacks are too slow, and the motions feel unnatural. Due to this, we will be making some changes to her basic attack.

▶Basic Attack overhauled

Bantha Rider

The Bantha Rider has had a somewhat mixed reaction from players. Although the card is a great tank, it just doesn’t have the same kind of punch as the Dewback Rider. Even more so when the rider disembarks his noble steed, and tries to enter battle. The poor Rebel Trooper on top of the Bantha will usually perish incredibly quickly. We will be adjusting the rider on top of the Bantha as a way to give him a little more longevity in battle.

▶Base level of the Rebel Trooper on top of the Banth Rider has been increased from Level 1 to Level 5

Keredian Partisan

The Keredian Partisan has found his footing recently, and has seen a lot of play. When he is used, he tends to create an almost overwhelming win condition, and trades favorably into almost anything. Because of this, we will be trimming back his attack power slightly.

▶Keredian Partisan’s Attack Power decreased from 110 to 106

Phoenix Squadron

The Phoenix Squadron is a newer card that sees very little play, and even when they do see play, they seem to be largely ineffective. We will be increasing their stats in order to let them see more play, and make them more useful going forward.

▶Phoenix One’s health has been changed from 170 to 180
▶Phoenix One’s damage has been increased from 142 to 150
▶Phoenix Two and Phoenix Three’s health increased from 220 to 233
▶Phoenix Two and Phoenix Three’s attack power increased from 52 to 55
Phoenix Two and Three will not protect Phoenix One

Other Changes

1. Fixed an issue where towers would prioritize leaders even though there were units around them.
2. Fixed an issue where the GNK Droid and the AT-ST could move in the wrong direction.