Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Developer Insights:  Outrider

The guys over at Capital Games has posted a new developer insight.  This time they talk about the Outrider, Dash Rendar’s YT-2400 freighter, will soon be coming to the holotables and will lift Home One fleets. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this ship, it was originally introduced in Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire on Nintendo 64 on December 3, 1996, and later for Windows on September 17, 1997.
The introduction of this ship brings a few new mechanics to Galaxy of Heroes which we think are exciting: Data Transmission “Download” and new buff “Suprosa Supercomputer”.
Below, we take a dive into the developers’ motivations and inspirations while creating the kit for this new ship.

UNIT NAME: Outrider
CATEGORIES: Support, Cargo Ship, Rebel, Scoundrel, Smuggler
A daring Rebel Support that increases the Download of allied ships.


BASIC: Illegal Laser Cannons


FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage 3 times to target enemy and inflict Critical Damage Down for 2 turns.

SPECIAL 1: Concealed Concussion Missiles (Cooldown 4)


FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage 5 times to target enemy and dispel all buffs on them and inflict Target Lock for 2 turns, which can’t be resisted. Each instance of damage reduces the target’s Defense by 5% for the rest of the encounter, which can’t be resisted. Rebel allies gain 5% Turn Meter for each critical hit.

SPECIAL 2: Emergency Repairs (Cooldown 3)


FINAL TEXT: All Rebel allies recover 20% Health and Protection and gain Speed Up and Tenacity Up for 1 turn. All Rebel allies’ Download progress is increased by 20%.

Download: Progress starts at 0% and is increased by 1% whenever a Rebel ally scores a critical hit, tripled if it’s their turn; requires 100% Download Progress to activate

UNIQUE: Critical Intel

FINAL TEXT: Outrider gains 60% Critical Chance and the granted ability Data Transmission until it is defeated.

Data Transmission: Limit one use per battle. (Granted Ability)

Dispel all debuffs on all Rebel allies, and they recover 50% Health and Protection. Grant all Rebel allies Suprosa Supercomputer for the rest of the encounter, which can’t be copied, dispelled, or prevented

Suprosa Supercomputer: Gain 100% Critical Chance and an additional bonus based on the ship’s role

  • Attacker At the start of turn, dispel Stealth and Taunt from all enemies and inflict Defense Down for 1 turn on a random enemy
  • Tank All Rebel allies recover 10% Health and Protection whenever this ship receives damage
  • Support At the start of turn, inflict Target Lock for 2 turns and remove 20% Turn Meter from a random enemy

Reinforcement – Undocumented Modifications

Enter Battle: All Rebel allies gain 20% Download progress for each Rebel Reinforcement called in by the allied Rebel Capital Ship this encounter. Outrider gains Critical Damage Up for 1 turn.

The Basics:

  • Rebel Support – Allies help through Crit hits, Dash gives out Turn Meter
  • Crewed by Dash Rendar
  • Contribute towards “Download”
  • Provide Protection and Health recovery plus some nice buffs
  • Speed Up and Tenacity Up for all Rebel allies
  • Works with existing rebel fleet with Crit and Target Lock synergies

Unique Attributes:

  • Data Transmission: New Download mechanic – Each Crit Hit adds 5%, once at 100% you can activate the ability
  • Big pay off with lots of healing plus gain 100% Critical Chance and an additional bonus based on the ship’s role
  • New buff (Suprosa Supercomputer)
  • Unique attributes depending on your type (Attacker, Support, Tank)


  • Dash’s ship is probably the most iconic thing to come out of Shadows of the Empire. The YT-2400 model has been seen in the Special Edition of A New Hope and in the Rebels episode “Iron Squadron”
  • The Concealed Concussion Missiles fire in a pack of 5 because that’s how many you have during the Outrider levels in Shadows of the Empire.
  • For some of the mechanics we looked at what Dash Rendar brought to the table, such as critical hits giving Turn Meter.
  • One of the key moments in Shadows of the Empire has you disabling the Imperial freighter Suprosa and downloading the plans to the second Death Star. We pay homage to that with the Data Transmission granted ability.
  • Similar to the Shadows of the Empire game, the Outrider fires from both the top and bottom turrets when it uses its Basic attack.

Strategy Tips:

  • Charge up Data Transmission by landing critical hits with Rebel allies
  • Start the battle with Special 1 (Concealed Concussion Missiles) to boost your team’s Turn Meter
  • Flexible for starting or reinforcement placement


Can this ship enable a Home One led fleet to one-shot the Executor?

No, but it should help it hold its own against many other fleets it couldn’t previously.

How do I get the Outrider?

Outrider is available in a Galactic Chase starting on 4/8. It will be a 4 star unlock.
Why is Outrider a 4 star unlock when StarFortress and TIE Echelon were not?
Outrider is slotting into a pretty well established faction, while StarFortress and TIE Echelon were targeted at the two factions that were in need of dedicated tanks. Galactic Chases should be 4 star unlocks, the previous two were exceptions.
What is the goal of Outrider?
Outrider’s goal is similar to the recent additions of Tanks to Raddus and Finalizer. We aim to boost Rebel fleets and tighten up the second and third tier metas.
Who gains Transmissions?
Currently only Outrider gains Transmissions
Why does the Outrider have the Rebel tag and Dash Rendar does not?
Tags are extremely powerful tools in the design arsenal. Sometimes a unit may be missing a tag that seems extremely logical for it to have, and that is because there is an undesired interaction we can avoid by leaving a tag off. Prior to Outrider we’ve had the Razor Crest with the Bounty Hunter tag, and Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) without.