Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Razor Crest Galactic Chase and Executor Event Details

The commissioning of the Executor on the Holotables has been deemed worthy of celebration by the Empire! Thus, the Galactic Chase is on for the Razor Crest, and it will be added to all Fleet Battle nodes as bonus drops for a limited time. During this event, this ship’s drop rate on each node has been scaled to Ship Energy, and will be rewarding bonus drops from 08/05/2021 through 08/10/2021.

The Executor’s first Journey Guide Fleet Mastery Event will run 08/16/2021 for one day and return approximately once per month. For those interested in the Executor Pack, it will be available only to those players who meet the requirements to enter the event (same as current Advanced Fleet Mastery packs). The Executor can be unlocked beginning at four stars, and will require repeated completion of the bonus tier to upgrade to seven stars.

Below, the requirements for the Executor are outlined in more detail.

To see the Executor event appear, a player must have:

  • Vader Relic 7
  • Piett Relic 8
  • Boba Fett Relic 8
  • TIE Pilot Relic 5
  • Bossk Relic 5
  • IG-88 Relic 5
  • Dengar Relic 5

During the Journey Guide Fleet Mastery Event, the first tier will require 4-Star ships to attempt and scale to 7-Star to attempt the final tier of the event. GIven the power of the Executor, this event is designed to be more challenging than other Fleet Mastery events.

Required ships for initial tier are:

  • Razor Crest (5-stars)
  • Slave I (4-stars)
  • IG-2000 (4-stars)
  • Hound’s Tooth (4-stars)
  • TIE Advanced (4-stars)
  • TIE Bomber (4-stars)
  • Imperial TIE Fighter (4-stars)