SWTOR Odessen Warzone Mechanics explanation

BioWare have posted a short explanation about the Odessen warzone. Apparently there have been a lot of confusion about the mechanics of it.

Odessen Warzone Mechanics | 02.26.2016, 08:52 PM

Hey folks,

We have seen quite a few questions around some of the mechanics in the Odessen Warzone. Here are some points of clarification.

Control Points Spawning

  • At the start of the match 2 control points spawn at random
  • Control Points last for one round, a round lasts for 75 seconds
  • The amount of Control Points active increases as more rounds occur
  • There are 8 rounds in total (though a team can win before the 8th round starts)
  • Round 1,2,3: Two Control Points active
  • Round 4,5,6: Three Control Points active
  • Round 7,8: Four Control Points active
  • After Round 1 Battle Mods spawn, Battle Mods have different impacts on points depending on which Mod you have.

Capping a Control Point

  • Control Points are proximity based, standing inside the Control Point area counts towards capture
  • It takes 3 seconds of uncontested control (no one from the other team in the control point area) to capture a point
  • To hold a capture point against the other team stay in the control point. Remaining inside the control point blocks other teams from capturing. Amount of players does not matter
  • If one team is removed from or otherwise leaves the Control Point area there is a grace period of 3 seconds before that owning team loses control
  • Capturing a control point and losing control can occur at the same time so if the grace period is not met then the control point is lost for one and gained for another
  • Characters in stealth do not count towards control of a Control Point area

Control Point Scoring

  • Owning a control point for 1 second grants 1 point
  • The number of characters within a control point doesn’t affect scoring