SDCC 2023: Lucasfilm Publishing Panel Unveils Exciting New Stories

SDCC 2023: Lucasfilm Publishing Panel Unveils Exciting New Stories

The annual San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is a highly anticipated event for fans of all things geek and pop culture. Among the many exciting panels, one that always draws immense attention is the Lucasfilm Publishing Panel. This year’s SDCC 2023 did not disappoint, as Lucasfilm unveiled a treasure trove of new stories that will transport Star Wars fans to the far reaches of the galaxy.

Here are 10 things that were revealed:

Marvels’ The High Republic: Shadows of Starlight #2 cover

1. As Phase III begins, Charles Soule will examine the first year after the fall of Starlight Beacon.

In the panel, Soule gave fans a first look at the cover of Marvels’ The High Republic: Shadows of Starlight #2, featuring Elzar Mann standing on a cliff overlooking the wreckage.

The High Republic #1 cover

2. Keeve Trennis is ready for battle as Cavan Scott returns for Star Wars: The High Republic (2023)!

In the series relaunch for Phase III this November, Keeve has matured and stands flanked by Lourna Dee and Terec (or is it Ceret?) as seen on the newly revealed cover of The High Republic #1. Scott also gave fans at the panel a first look at a dastardly new threat and a prowling Nameless creature on the cover The High Republic #2.

The High Republic Adventures #1 cover
The High Republic Adventures #2 cover

3. Zeen and Qort are all grown up with the relaunch of Daniel José Older’s Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures (2023).

The Dark Horse series will return for Phase III with the continuing adventures of Zeen and Qort, as seen on the cover reveal of The High Republic Adventures #1 with a mysterious looming figure. The duo also graces the cover of The High Republic Adventures #2.

The High Republic: Escape from Valo cover

4. Ram Jomaram is back in the cover reveal for The High Republic: Escape from Valo.

The first middle grade book in Phase III written by Daniel José Older and Alyssa Wong will introduce some new young Jedi into the mix this January.

Cover of The High Republic: Defy the Storm

5. We got our first look atVernestra Rwoh, Jordana Sparkburn, and Avon Starros on the cover of The High Republic: Defy the Storm.

In the ominous art for the YA story written by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland, the trio are surrounded by a sea of Nihil fighters.

Star Wars: The High Republic Character Encyclopedia - Drengir
Star Wars: The High Republic Character Encyclopedia - Stellan Gios

6. And we cracked open the forthcoming Star Wars: The High Republic Character Encyclopedia.

With new pages featuring Jedi Master Stellan Gios, Chancellor Lina Soh and the dreaded Drengir, the reference guide arriving this December will provide a wealth of intel on over 200 characters from all three phases of storytelling.

Star Wars: Dark Droids #1 page 1 and 2
Dark Droids page 3 and 4
Star Wars: Dark Droids page 5 and 6

7. We got our first look inside Marvel’s Star Wars: Dark Droids…

Beyond The High Republic initiative, the panel revealed the first pages from inside Star Wars: Dark Droids #1 written by Charles Soule, featuring a KX security droid.

Star Wars: Dark Droids: D-Squad #1 page 1 and 2

8. And we turned a page to peek inside Dark Droids: D-Squad.

Fans also got a first look at spreads from Star Wars: Dark Droids: D-Squad #1 by Marc Guggenheim, showcasing R2-D2 sailing through the stars and reuniting with Chopper and a pit droid.

Tales from the Death Star page 15 and 16
Tales from the Death Star page 40 and 41
Tales from the Death Star page 54 and 55

9. The terrifying Tales from the Death Star is creeping toward a fall release.

Writer Cavan Scott revealed multiple spreads from his latest horror offering for the SDCC audience, a preview of thrills to come this September.

Star Wars: Dawn of the Rebellion: The Visual Guide cover
Tales from the Death Star - Fortress
Tales from the Death Star - House Organa
Tales from the Death Star - The Rise of the Stormtrooper

10. We glimpsed the House Organa and other pages from the new Star Wars: Dawn of the Rebellion: The Visual Guide, by Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo and Emily Shkoukani, plus the final cover.

In addition to the in-depth spread on Alderaanian royalty, the panel revealed pages on the rise of the stormtrooper, the Fortress Inquisitorius, and our first look at the final cover art.

A Galaxy of New Adventures

At the Lucasfilm Publishing Panel, fans were treated to an array of announcements about upcoming novels, comics, and young adult books set in the Star Wars universe. From beloved characters to unexplored corners of the galaxy, the new releases promise a diverse range of adventures for fans of all ages.

Unraveling Mysteries with Iconic Characters

One of the most exciting reveals from the panel was a new series of novels focusing on iconic Star Wars characters. Fans can look forward to unraveling the mysteries of their favorite heroes and villains, diving deeper into their backstories, and discovering untold tales that shed new light on their actions and motivations.

Expanding the Canon

The Lucasfilm Publishing Panel also expanded the Star Wars canon with new comics and young adult books. These stories promise to explore different aspects of the galaxy far, far away, giving readers fresh insights into lesser-known characters and events.

Building on Past Successes

In addition to new releases, the panel also provided updates on ongoing book series. Fans can expect more installments in their favorite story arcs, building upon the successes of previous releases. The continuity of the Star Wars universe is carefully maintained, ensuring a cohesive and immersive reading experience for fans.

Embracing Diversity and Representation

A highlight of this year’s Lucasfilm Publishing Panel was the emphasis on diversity and representation in storytelling. Star Wars has always been known for its diverse cast of characters, and the new books and comics aim to amplify those voices and expand the range of perspectives in the galaxy.


The Lucasfilm Publishing Panel at SDCC 2023 was a delight for Star Wars fans, as they were treated to an exciting array of new stories and adventures. From iconic characters to unexplored corners of the galaxy, the upcoming releases promise to captivate readers of all ages. As fans eagerly await the release of these thrilling new additions to the Star Wars universe, the anticipation for the next SDCC and more exciting revelations continues to grow in a galaxy far, far away.