5 Valuable Life Lessons Kids Can Learn from Star Wars

Star Wars was designed for the entertainment theater but it still has incredible lessons for children. Consider the fact that children will grow with this series and encounter trilogies somewhere in their lives. As they watch the series and scoop the lessons, allow experts homework assistants to provide online test help so that their academic performance is safeguarded. 

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Star Wars packs some of the most incredible life lessons for adults and children alike. Even when the setting is ‘in a galaxy far, far away…’ and the plot is fictitious, children watching the series have a lot of lessons to enjoy. Here are some of the lessons children will get from this incredible series. 

  1. Commit to the Quality and Type of Life You Desire

The point is to ‘Do or Do Not.’ There is no room for trying to see whether it works. It is about developing a strategy, gathering the resources, and executing the strategy. The words can be drawn from Yoda in the episode The Empire Strikes Back

The philosophy is that many people lose time and opportunities debating possibilities. They are frozen in fear and always fighting anxiety. Unknown to them, there is nothing certain in this life. Everyone who has succeeded had the option of not trying or giving in to the skepticism that it might not work. In fact, many people have come up with ideas that were never actualized. But as Yoda puts it, Do or Do Not. Simply translated, go for whatever you desire or conceive to do in your mind. You will create the reality you have always wanted. 

  1. Build a Supportive Team Around Your Dreams

The message is captured by Darth Vander in A New Hope. The exact words capture his desire to eliminate any team member who does not believe in his course. He says, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Darth identified a weak link in his team and was willing to eliminate it if the set goals were to be achieved. 

From the encounter, Star Wars teaches children to be selective if they want to create winning teams. It is better to have few believers than an army of doubters when executing your plans. Such people inspire positive actions and will add positive energy to your life. Keeping the negative people in your life will result in failed dreams. 

  1. Do Not Lie To Yourself

Yoda returns with a crucial lesson for children on interacting with yourself and the dreams you have set. Yoda is still pushing the team to believe in their potential. He says, “Already know you, that which you need.” The idea is that most people already know the solution to their challenges, only that they are unwilling or reluctant to pursue these solutions. Listen to your conscience and your heart. It will tell you the way to go even without having to listen to other people. When all is said and done, the solutions to the challenges you are facing are within.

  1. Focus on the Positives

The lesson can be rephrased to read, “Do not allow the odds to stop you.” The lesson is captured by Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back. There are instances where the enemies were firing and the asteroid was heading towards them, leaving them with an odd of 3,720 to 1 yet they kept moving. 

The same odds apply in life where the best outcome appears out of reach. Focus on the few chances of survival because that is where your luck lies. Such have been the odds that the most successful people have faced over the years. Focus on possibility and maintain a positive outlook. Such an attitude will help you to achieve the desired goals.

  1. Failures Buildup To Success

If you fear failing, you will never succeed. Obi Wan Kenobi exemplifies this lesson in A New Hope. He says that once the enemies strike, they give him the power to return stronger. Falling after being struck causes him to think of alternatives through trial and error. Eventually, he will find new ways of countering the challenge. It is the same philosophy that students should embrace. Experiment with different ideas and use the setbacks to develop a more workable strategy. 

Star Wars has endless lessons for kids even as they enjoy the drama. Each episode and each character has a package of lessons for viewers. These lessons make the time spent watching the series worthwhile and transformational for viewers.