Star Wars: Battlefront 2 – Known Issues

Star Wars: Battlefront community manager Mat Everett (aka Sledgehammer) took on the official BF2 forums today, and posted a list of bugs that the devs currently are aware of. There are no timeframe on when they will be fixed, but they are on the todo list and the team is looking into them

The list will be updated as items are resolved.

February 2, 2018 1:08AM

Our team is working hard to bring adjustments and balance to many aspects of the game. We’re aware of some critical bugs and much smaller issues and want to get these resolved as soon as possible. The list below is not a full bug list, but primary issues that have been reported that our team is working to resolve. I am not able to promise or provide specific details on when they will be addressed, but the team is looking into these reports and many more.

  • Master of The Force Star Card: Doesn’t do the extra 50 damage to a Heavy
  • Missing Credits: In some instances, duplicate Star Cards do not give credits
  • Players reporting Error 327
  • Invisible asteroid that players crash into (footage incl.)
  • Darth Vader being stuck in animation, unable to attack
  • Heroes falling off the side of map in Kashyyyk
  • Yoda’s Presence not working as intended
  • If Han is active in Galactic Assault Lando is not selectable
  • Speeder bike glitch oddities
  • Hijacked AT-AT is not functioning correctly with Orbital Strikes
  • Hero emotes not triggering across most characters
  • Darth Vader Choke allows players to still run while being choked
  • Sometimes Palpatine doesn’t properly do damage to other Heroes
  • Sound stop working during matches
  • Graphical artifacting, corruption and ghosting with AMD 17.12.x drivers
  • Daily crate doesn’t show when logging in for first time. Needs relog.
  • Finn Deadeye reticle does not go away at times
  • Round skipped during CTF on Strike mode
  • Strike – Getting Fallback messaging in error
  • PS4 Pro HDR Issues
  • Thermal Binoculars and CR2 Night Vision aren’t working
  • Bad collision detection on Starfighter Assault
  • Can’t use abilities in HvV at certain times
  • CPU usage increases to 100% during loading screens
  • Rolling in window mode activates the window focus if you press alt and space
  • Darth Maul Fool Me Once card does not always work properly
  • Micro stuttering is sometimes seen in frame rates at the start of matches or during the entire match. Happening in high-end, mid-tier and just above min spec systems.
  • Roll Glitch where players are invincible mid roll
  • Emperor Palpatine Lighting attack can hit targets through doors and walls
  • Vader choke glitch that makes players stay affected and in the air even after the ability has finished, happens after patch 1.1
  • Chewbacca Bowcaster Not Firing. After being force choked by Darth vader.
  • Collection page only shows 3 abilities, even for hero ships that have 4
  • LAAT laser sometimes deals no damage
  • Rey losing jump and abilities after Vader force choke
  • Leia Stuck in Secondary Fire Mode after vader force choke
  • Assault-Expert Weapon Handling Does Not Work with CR-2.
  • Barrage resets weapons crosshairs to default when using improved zoom.
  • Can’t change controller settings in Co-Op without changing both players settings
  • Out of Bounds (10s Timer) overrides the 45s Phase Timer
  • Heroes and villains announcements not working after 1.1
  • The scan dart is not working for me just for my team