Darth Vader officially comes to TomTom

Darth Vader officially comes to TomTom

After a week of teasers and rumours, TomTom has finally announced its tie-in (or should that be Tie-fighter) with Lucasfilm, voiceskins.com and Star Wars.

The satnav company has been sending unannounced Star Wars merchandise, including a natty Darth Vader lightsaber torch, to journalists along with emails from Vader himself in the build-up to its major unveiling: the officially-licensed voices of Darth Vader, Yoda, C3PO and Han Solo are coming to its range of navigation devices.

The first to be available, Darth Vader, has been launched today for £7.95, with the others to follow shortly (one a month until August). And, not only are directions delivered by his surly tones, but a stack-load of Star Wars sound effects are included.

Customers can also download, for free, official warning alert sounds voiced by Darth Vader, along with start up screen wallpaper and Lord Vader map icon.

It’s enough to make a Star Wars fan go moist in the Admiral Ackbars.