The SWTOR Eternal Championship will be Delayed

SWTOR Eternal Championship is delayed, and will not part of Patch 4.2. Read hwy below:

The Eternal Championship | 03.04.2016, 10:27 PM

Hey folks,
We have been doing a lot of internal playtesting on the Eternal Championship and it is currently not at a level that we believe our players deserve. In keeping with our commitment to offer the highest quality experience possible with our latest expansion, we have decided to delay the launch of the Eternal Championship. We are focusing on overall balance, ensuring each boss fight is challenging, endeavoring to exceed quality expectations, and most of all, making sure it is a fun experience. Please note Bowdaar will also be delayed, but will continue to launch alongside the Eternal Championship.

To help ensure we deliver on the deeper experience we promised, we have decided to make the Eternal Championship available on our Public Test Server (PTS) prior to releasing it. We are eager to make this feature as high quality as possible and would love to get your feedback as we work to strengthen it. Once we nail down the release schedule we will let you know how to get access on PTS.
I will provide more information as I have it; our goal is to have more information in the next 4-6 weeks. Thank you.


The Eternal Championship | 03.04.2016, 10:58 PM


Originally Posted by Nightfrogger

I would rather have it be polished and ready to go personally, but since we are not getting bowdaar this chapter any way we can get a little sneak peak of who we get in their place this chapter?

Good question. You will recruit a Companion as a part of the Chapter, but with Bowdaar moving out there will not be a new Alliance alert with Chapter XI.