Star Wars Battlefront Launch Infographic

Electronic arts has posted Infographic showing some interesting stats about Star Wars: Battelfront since launch. Interesting enough, less then 1% of all AT-AT’s has been with tow cables, and Boba Fett is the most played hero/villain in the game. X-Wings get almost kill twice as much as Tie Fighters. I bet they did the same comparison with A-Wings vs Tie Interceptors and realized it would just be better for them not to show the stats.

info graphic

These stats should easily show us what needs balanced.

  • Imperial ships suck ass compared to rebel ships. Everyone knows this.
  • Force lightning / Chain lightning is better at killing large groups of enemies than force push is. Makes sense cause more range and hops from person to person.
  • Millennium Falcon has 500k more kills than Slave 1. Both hero ships are OP, but Falcon is slightly more OP because of the shield. Can also take the Slave 1 out of the game with a Falcon punch. Lowering it’s chance to get more kills.
  • Tow cables… When you can use it, you don’t need it cause your team is raping. When you NEED to use it, you can’t because your team is getting raped. Also, we can ONLY TOW ON THE LAST SECTION OF THE MAPS. Makes sense, but walkers can get taken down before they even make it this far, and are usually too weak to last long enough on the last section to get towed.
  • Didn’t even know about Ewoks throwing rocks. That shits cool.

I would also like to see: