“Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” Set for a Stellar PC Debut with Enhanced Features

Electronic Arts (EA) has officially announced that the beloved mobile strategy game, “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes,” is poised for an exciting new chapter as it prepares to launch on PC. Since its initial release on Android and iOS platforms in 2015, the game has captivated players with its strategic turn-based battles, allowing them to recruit and command a vast array of heroes and over 20 iconic ships from the Star Wars universe.

A Leap to PC with Exclusive Enhancements

The transition to PC is not merely a change of platform but a significant upgrade that promises to leverage the robust capabilities of modern PCs. EA has revealed that the PC port will feature several exclusive enhancements aimed at enriching the player experience. “We have been able to double the frame rate to 60 fps,” stated an EA spokesperson to Game Informer, highlighting the commitment to smoother gameplay. Additionally, the inclusion of anti-aliasing and higher resolution settings will ensure that the visuals are sharper and more immersive than ever before.

Understanding the importance of user interface in strategy games, EA has also redesigned the game’s interface to be more intuitive for mouse and keyboard users. This adjustment is expected to offer a more seamless and engaging gameplay experience, tailored to the preferences of PC gamers.

Seamless Integration Between Platforms

In a move that will be welcomed by the game’s dedicated fanbase, EA intends to maintain parity between the PC and mobile versions of “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.” Updates will be released simultaneously across both platforms, ensuring that all players have access to the latest content and features at the same time.

Moreover, players will have the ability to switch between mobile and PC gameplay by synchronizing their EA account. This means that existing players can transition to playing on a larger screen without losing any progress, a feature that underscores EA’s player-centric approach.

What’s Next for Galaxy of Heroes?

While anticipation builds for the PC port, EA has outlined plans for a closed beta in May, exclusively for players who already have the game on mobile. This beta phase will offer a select group of players an early glimpse into the enhanced PC experience, with opportunities for new users to participate in the future. Registration details for the closed beta are forthcoming, with EA advising fans to prepare by linking their game to an EA account.

Despite the excitement surrounding the PC port, EA has confirmed that there are no current plans for a console version, and the game will not support controller input at launch. This decision places a clear focus on optimizing the PC and mobile experiences.


The announcement of “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” making its way to PC marks a significant milestone for the game and its community. With enhanced features and a commitment to seamless cross-platform play, EA is set to offer both longtime fans and newcomers a richer, more immersive dive into the Star Wars galaxy. As players eagerly await the closed beta and subsequent full release, the force seems stronger than ever with “Galaxy of Heroes.” Learn more here