Star Wars Eclipse

Star Wars Eclipse: Quantic Dream’s Ambitious Venture Still in the Works

he Star Wars universe, known for its expansive lore and captivating tales, is set to expand further with the much-anticipated game, “Star Wars Eclipse.” First announced in 2021, the game has been shrouded in mystery since its captivating reveal. However, recent updates from Quantic Dream, the game’s developer, have shed some light on its progress.

A Game “Simmering” in Development

Despite the lack of major updates in 2023, “Star Wars Eclipse” is very much alive. During a recent interview with IGN at the Tokyo Game Show 2023, Lisa Pendse, Vice President of Marketing for Quantic Dream, described the game’s development as “simmering.” She emphasized, “Can I say it still exists? Because it exists. It’s just not ready. It’s simmering.”

A Dive into the High Republic Era

“Star Wars Eclipse” is set to transport players to the High Republic era, a golden age for the Jedi that predates the birth of Anakin Skywalker by centuries. While the teaser trailer provided a glimpse into this vibrant setting, specific details about the game remain sparse.

A Departure from Quantic Dream’s Norm

Quantic Dream, known for its narrative-driven games like “Detroit: Become Human,” is taking a slightly different approach with “Eclipse.” While it will retain the studio’s signature branching narratives and multiple playable characters, the game is fundamentally an action-adventure. Lisa Pendse confirmed that, like previous Quantic Dream titles, “Star Wars Eclipse” will not feature a game over screen. She elaborated, “Anyone can die, anything can happen, and the story continues.”

A Focus on Gameplay

Quantic Dream expanded its operations by opening an office in Montreal, Canada, in 2021, primarily to focus on “Star Wars Eclipse.” This office, housing around 50 staff members, is dedicated to enhancing the gameplay experience.

Release Date: A Mystery Yet to be Unveiled

While eager fans might be itching for a release date, Quantic Dream remains committed to launching the game only when it’s ready. This approach is supported by their partnership with NetEase, a Chinese company that acquired Quantic Dream. Lisa Pendse highlighted the benefits of this partnership, stating, “One of the amazing things about working with NetEase is that they’re not imposing release dates on us.”

Quantic Dream: Beyond “Eclipse”

While “Star Wars Eclipse” is a significant project for Quantic Dream, the studio has been in the limelight for various reasons. Allegations of a toxic workplace environment surfaced in 2018, which were vehemently denied by David Cage, Quantic Dream’s development chief. Furthermore, in 2022, the studio announced its acquisition by NetEase and has since revealed other projects, like Parallel Studio’s “Under The Waves.”


“Star Wars Eclipse” promises to be a thrilling addition to the Star Wars gaming universe. While fans might have to wait a bit longer for its release, the glimpses and updates provided by Quantic Dream suggest that the wait will be worth it. The game is set to offer a fresh perspective on the Star Wars narrative, blending Quantic Dream’s storytelling prowess with action-packed gameplay.

FAQ: Star Wars Eclipse and Quantic Dream’s Development

Q1: What is “Star Wars Eclipse”?
A: “Star Wars Eclipse” is an upcoming action-adventure game set in the High Republic era of the Star Wars universe. It’s being developed by Quantic Dream.

Q2: When was the game first announced?
A: The game was first announced back in 2021.

Q3: Has the game been delayed?
A: While there have been rumors of delays, Quantic Dream has emphasized that they never announced an official release date. The game is still in development.

Q4: How is “Star Wars Eclipse” different from other Quantic Dream games?
A: While Quantic Dream is known for narrative-driven games, “Eclipse” is fundamentally an action-adventure game. However, it will retain the studio’s signature branching narratives and multiple playable characters.

Q5: Will the game have a “game over” screen?
A: No, similar to previous Quantic Dream titles, “Star Wars Eclipse” will not feature a game over screen. The story will continue regardless of character outcomes.

Q6: Where is the game being developed?
A: Quantic Dream has an office in Montreal, Canada, dedicated to the development of “Star Wars Eclipse,” focusing on gameplay enhancements.

Q7: When can we expect the game to be released?
A: A specific release date has not been announced. Quantic Dream is committed to releasing the game when it’s ready, with no external pressures on release dates.

Q8: What era of Star Wars does the game explore?
A: The game is set in the High Republic era, a golden age for the Jedi that occurs centuries before the birth of Anakin Skywalker.

Q9: Has Quantic Dream been involved in any controversies?
A: Yes, the studio faced allegations of a toxic workplace environment in 2018, which they have denied. They were also acquired by NetEase in 2022.

Q10: Are there any other projects Quantic Dream is working on?
A: Yes, apart from “Star Wars Eclipse,” the studio has revealed other projects like Parallel Studio’s “Under The Waves.