Star Wars Universe Expands: Release Dates Revealed and Rescheduled

Star Wars Universe Expands: Release Dates Revealed and Rescheduled

In a galaxy far, far away, or rather, within the halls of Disney, decisions have been made that continue to shape the future of the Star Wars universe. Disney has announced the release date for a mysterious new Star Wars movie and rescheduled another, marking a major development in the popular franchise’s cinematic timeline​.

A report from Variety has detailed a reshuffling of the Star Wars slate, with two new big-screen entries now set for 2026. According to the publication, one film has been scheduled for release on December 18, 2026, while another has been delayed from its original December 19, 2025 release date to May 22, 2026. Furthermore, a third Star Wars film, already set for December 17, 2027, remains unchanged in its schedule.

Although specifics about these films remain under wraps, it’s possible to make an educated guess based on recent announcements and ongoing projects. During Star Wars Celebration 2023, three new movies were unveiled: a film centered on Rey, a live-action movie from Dave Filoni that aims to complete the interconnected narratives of the Disney Plus shows, and a prequel directed by James Mangold (known for “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny”) which will explore the origins of the Jedi​​.

Of these three projects, the film focused on Rey seems to be the furthest along the production pipeline. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy remarked on the progress of the film in April, saying, “We’ve been working on that [film] for a few years and all of that feeds into our overall storytelling. So we’ve just got to a point now where we’ve got a wonderful writer in Steven Knight, he’s come on board and we’re going to see a script probably in the next month and a half that we’ve been working on for quite a while. So we’re getting close”​​.

Given this, it’s likely that one of the 2026 films will be Rey’s. Speculation also suggests that the second film slated for 2026 could be Filoni’s live-action movie, especially considering the Disney Plus shows, such as Ahsoka, are moving ahead full steam. If these assumptions hold true, that would mean Mangold’s prequel about the origins of the Jedi is likely the film set for a 2027 release​​.

However, the future of the Star Wars franchise remains fluid and uncertain, as Yoda might put it: “always in motion is the future.” There are other projects in the works too, such as Taika Waititi’s film, Shawn Levy’s project, and Rian Johnson’s still-hoped-for trilogy. This means that Star Wars fans have much to anticipate in the coming years, even if the exact details of these projects remain as mysterious as the Force itself​​.

Live-Action release dates now

AHSOKA Aug 23 2023

Skeleton Crew Nov/Dec 2023

The Acolyte 2024

Andor S2 2024

Untitled SW Movie May 22 2026

Untitled SW Movie Dec 18, 2026

Untitled SW Movie Dec 17, 2027