Star Wars: The Old Republic Leaps into the Future with Amazon Web Services

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has been on a mission to upgrade and improve the game and its supporting platforms, as outlined in their 11-year anniversary blog. Among these improvements, SWTOR has hosted several iterations of their Public Test Server (PTS) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now, the team is excited to announce the next significant step in their tech upgrade initiative: the migration of live servers to AWS.

AWS Test Server: Shae Vizla

On April 3, 2023, SWTOR will launch a test server, Shae Vizla, hosted entirely on the cloud. Available to all players until April 18, 2023, this server will be located in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, allowing players to experience the benefits of cloud-based gaming first-hand.

The Benefits of Migrating to AWS

The migration to AWS will bring several advantages to SWTOR, including:

  1. Enhanced player experience with improved connectivity, ping, faster start-up, and better in-game performance.
  2. Streamlined backend updates, ensuring the game’s continued health and stability.
  3. Resource reallocation, allowing the team to focus on improving the game experience.
  4. Leveraging and integrating updated technology, such as new hardware, software, and graphics.
  5. Potentially extending server capabilities to reach new players.
  6. Functional benefits for both the players and the development team.

Testing Period: A Different Approach

The testing phase for Shae Vizla will differ from the typical PTS experience:

  1. All players, regardless of account type, can log in.
  2. No separate download required for the test server.
  3. Shae Vizla will be listed as a [Test Server] alongside live servers.
  4. Players can create new characters or copy existing characters to the Shae Vizla server.

Testing Focus: Ensuring a Smooth Migration

SWTOR is particularly interested in understanding how the migration to AWS impacts regular gameplay. Players are encouraged to provide feedback on server performance, any location-specific issues, regional experiences, and any other aspects that may affect gameplay.

Exclusive Rewards: Opal Vuptilla Mount

To show appreciation for participating in the test, SWTOR will grant the Opal Vuptilla Mount to players who achieve specific milestones during the testing period. The mount will be awarded to eligible players in the next patch update following the test server’s closure.

The Future of SWTOR on AWS

After the test server closes on April 18, the SWTOR team will analyze the collected data and feedback to determine whether further testing is required or if it’s time to move all live servers to AWS. They will communicate the next steps once their analysis is complete.

The SWTOR team is grateful to its players for joining them on this tech journey, which will continue to enhance and improve the game experience for years to come.