Who Doesn’t Love Star Wars Fan Fiction?

SWOTR_Cover-682x1024Well, reader and fellow SWTOR fan Crystal Storm recently wrote a novel. The funny thing is, she wasn’t actually trying to write a novel. But we know that sometimes the best things in life happen unintentionally. Such is the case in this fantastic piece of fan fiction. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, I highly recommend you download it today!

I had the chance to ask Crystal a few questions about her novel and I’m thrilled to be able to bring that interview to you today:

Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

CS: My name is Crystal Storm, and I write under the penname DCS.  I’m an Indie author, and I’ve got two books published already with a ton more on the way.  I am a huge geek, total lover of science fiction and the written word, a spiritual activist, radio show host, and a tv script writer.  I’m working with a fellow independent producer/director to turn my first two books into a tv series.

How long have you played SWTOR

CS: I’ve played SWTOR since it came out, so over a year.  It’s the first MMO I’ve really delved into.  It was the story and of course it being Star Wars that really drew me in.

How do you “accidentally” write a novel?

CS: When BioWare introduced the Legacy system, giving players the ability to link all our alts into a family tree my brain just went crazy.  My characters story kept swimming through my head and they wouldn’t shut up!  I was on Facebook one night and I posted that I ought to write a Fan Fiction.  I used the #swtor hashtag and someone from #swtor responded back that I should.  So I did.  It started out on the SWTOR message boards as Legacy Wars.  And once I started writing it, I just couldn’t stop.  It go so long that I felt I had to do something semi professional with it, so I cleaned it up, got it edited, found a cover artist and wallah.  Accidental novel. I even made a trailer for it, which was so much fun to put together.

Why did you make it free? 

CS: Technically it has to be. I used a lot of content that we were given in game.  I also twisted a lot of the story and made up a bunch of stuff too. But, I don’t mind making it free because it really was a project inspired out of my love of creativity and the story, and I’m happy to share it. 

Where can people get it?

CS: You can download Legacy off my website, http://www.themindofdcs.com

How long did you spend writing it? 

CS: It went really fast.  I was actually in the middle of writing Book 3 of my Synarchy Series and I stopped writing that to write Legacy.  I’d say it took me a maybe two months to write it.

Have you written fan fiction before?

CS: This is my first time writing fan fiction.  It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it.  The Daklan family (the main characters in Legacy) have become some of my favorite creations.

And can you tell me a little more about your love for Star Wars?

CS:  I love Star Wars. Ever since I was a kid.  The lightsaber is the coolest weapon ever createdReturn of the Jedi is one of my favorite movies. It’s funny because I had actually forgotten how much I loved Star Wars.  I saw all the new movies when they came out, and I really enjoyed Revenge of the Sith, because it was fascinating to get to see how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader.  And then of course SWTOR came out, and now I’m back into the Star Wars obsession I had as a kid.  My friends laugh at me a lot. As a fellow creative I’m a little jealous of George Lucas and his imagination.  I really hope during my adventures as an author I create characters as memorable as Darth Vader.

And here’s some more from Crystal:

CS: I’d also like to add, I know BioWare has a lot of critics with how they’ve handled Star Wars The Old Republic.  When you’ve got an MMO as huge as Star Wars it’s only natural to have people complain.  But, I have to say I’m growing a little disappointed myself.  One of the reasons I just couldn’t get into World of Warcraft is because I never felt immersed into the story.  It bored the crap out of me.  With Star Wars The Old Republic I feel like they did an amazing job making the players feel like they were a real part the story.  The voice acting is amazing. Some of the companion stories just blew me away.  It was so great.  But, now I feel like the game is venturing farther and farther away from the things that drew me in and that’s very disappointing. RoTHC was okay.  I mean I understand it did give end gamers a ton more content, but what I’m missing is that amazing story we got levels 1 – 49.  I have one character leveled to 55 and I have no desire to do the others.  I have three lvl 50s.  I recently cancelled my subscription because I’m just not addicted to it like I use to be.  I intend to finish the class storylines I haven’t yet, and then who knows.  I know it takes time to put together the incredible content we got level 1 – 49, so I’m hoping more class based stories are coming, but I’m not hopeful, and that’s really sad because I loved SWTOR.  I mean, I was so inspired by what they did I stopped writing my book to write a fan fiction.  Who does that? J

At any rate that’s my rant. I really want to thank Star Wars Strategies for having a great site, and for giving me the opportunity to show off Legacy.  I’m really proud of it. 

For the Empire!


Lisa Clark

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