SWTOR: Test your luck during the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event!

The guys over at BioWare Austine just annonced that the annual summer event, Nar Shaddaa Nightlife, is back! Test your luck at the Nar Shaddaa casinos starting August 2nd at 12:00 PM UTC until September 13th at 12:00 PM UTC.

Last year, we introduced a stylish new reward, the High Roller Shades. For the new edition of this event, we’re introducing new rewards inspired by this item: the High Roller Weapons! These new rewards can be obtainable by testing your luck on the Emperor’s Grace Slot Machine, located in the main areas of the Star Cluster and Club Vertica Casinos.

00:08/00:10(Visor effect changes when entering combat stance.)

(Picture above show the High Roller Weapons. From left to right bottom: High Roller Blaster Pistol, High Roller Blaster Rifle, High Roller Cannon, High Roller Sniper Rifle, High Roller Lightsaber, and High Roller Lightstaff.)

In addition to these new weapons, we’ve added the new Lucky Pritarr mount and new mini-pets, such as the Fiery Grefna Chick, the Proud Pritarr Cub, and the Shimmering Ginx, to the Emperor’s Grace Slot Machine!

(Lucky Pritarr Mount.)

(From left to right bottom: Fiery Grefna Chick, Proud Pritarr Cub, and Shimmering Ginx.)

VIP wristband owners can also test their luck on the new machines located in the VIP area of both Fleets: the Max Bet Smuggler’s Luck, Max Bet Kingpin’s Bounty, and Max Bet Emperor’s Grace! These machines require their respective “Max Bet” Token, purchasable from the VIP Hospitality Droids in the VIP area. Similar to other machines, players can win Chips, Token, Golden Certificates, mini-pets, mounts, and more! With the Max Bet Emperor’s Grace machines, players can also win the new rewards listed above, like the High Roller Weapons, the Lucky Pritarr Mount, or the colorful and cute mini-pets!

Travel to Star Cluster or Club Vertica Casinos on Nar Shaddaa, the VIP area on Carrick Station or Vaiken Spacedock, or The Bazaar at Three Points Zone on Mek-Sha to see if Lady Luck is on your side!